April 1, 2019

Benefits of Modular Structures for Forestry

As a forest owner or an authorised personnel, you need to provide forest facilities such as an office, residential, or recreational facilities to tourists and staff. You need to meet the expectations such as fees, special permits, codes, and laws of the Forest Service while building a structure in the forest. So if you are planning to build one, consider getting a modular structure instead of a traditionally-built one. To better understand the same, consider these benefits of a modular structure in the forestry sector.


If you choose to have a traditional construction for building structures in the forest, you might include usage of machines, hundreds of labour, and wastage of materials. The whole process of constructing a traditional structure can cause an unnecessary vibration of land and noise pollution that can affect the environment, especially the animals.

But in the case of modular construction, the components are pre-manufactured in the factory, and only involves the on-site assembling process. The process of building a modular structure is much faster than the traditional construction as it eliminates most of the construction process. This means that the modular structure gets erected without much disturbance caused to the forest's natural habitat.

Reduced Chances of Human Injury

Since traditional construction includes a lot of labour, you can risk the life of the labours working on site. Due to the noise pollution produced by drilling, digging, and footwalk, you may disturb the forest environment. On the other hand, modular construction involves peaceful construction with a reduction in noise and less labour on site, thus decreasing the risk of meeting with an accident or a mishap. You can even use a modular office that can be just placed on blocks with very less ground preparation required.

Durable Against Weather Conditions

Canada’s forest weather conditions can be harsh and unexpected. You need to have a sturdy structure that can withstand any weather condition in the forest. Since modular structures are manufactured in a factory setting environment, the quality of materials used during the construction is high and durable and meets the codes and norms the same as the traditional building. If the manufacturing process is based on the codes and norms of a conventional building, you may have an idea of the sturdiness and durability that it can provide to you, your staff or your tourists in the forest.

Offer Unlimited Utility

Modular structures offer flexibility in the application and the acquisition of the building. It is flexible in terms of design and the amenities that you want to install in the structure. You can even expand it to your convenience and customise it to meet any purpose and need.

Having a modular structure in the forest can provide you with various benefits. So build your modular structure and see your project through to completion.

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