August 1, 2018

Fact vs Myths - Misconceptions Surrounding Modular Construction

With significant advantages in the construction technology, modular construction has improved exponentially. Now, permanent modular construction is seen at par with conventional construction, which is a clear indication of how durable modular construction is. Not only durable, but modular construction is also affordable, less time consuming, energy efficient, and sustainable. Though there are clear instances available to prove that modular construction is the future of construction, there still exists some modular building misconceptions. In this article, we’ll take you through misconceptions surrounding modular construction and bust them with relevant facts.

Myth 1 - Modular construction looks architecturally dull


Modular constructions are believed to be architecturally dull. But, that is not true. Modular construction can be as creative as conventional constructions. Though there are design considerations, there is no limitation to creativity while working on modular constructions. Whether you want a fully customized structure or need a restroom or any such extra space added, it can be done. It is possible to be creative with modular construction, while keeping in mind the functionality and structural soundness. Modular constructions, on the contrary, can even be multiple storied permanent structures and they can even include elevators.

Myth 2 - Modular construction only serves temporary purposes


Many temporary modular structures are often seen at construction and industrial sites. It is, thus, understandable why they are perceived as ones that are to be used for temporary purposes only. But, the potential of modular construction is more than what is visible. Along with sufficing temporary needs, such as for spaces at construction sites or disaster-struck areas, modular construction has successfully proven its worth when it comes to permanent uses. Many schools and hotels have also opted for modular construction to expand or create an entirely new permanent structure.

Myth 3 - Modular construction is not structurally sound


Modular structures are fabricated in an enclosed facility under a controlled environment and in consideration with the building codes. Also, the material used for the construction of these structures is closely monitored by the engineers to ensure consistent quality. The site is well inspected before erecting modular structures to ensure the integrity of modular building methods.

Myth 4 - Modular construction has no scope for customization


Modular structures have massive scope for customization. These structures can be easily expanded and parts can also be removed from the existing structure. There are many ways you can use modular buildings for expansion. For instance, if you ever feel the need to expand your office, it is totally possible with modular construction.If you also believed in any of these modular building misconceptions, then we hope we’ve managed to clear it. To know more about modular construction, get in touch with us at Northgate Industries.

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