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Northgate’s Health and Safety Policies

Commitment to health, safety, and the environment are key components to Northgate Industries Ltd.’s operations and services company wide. This commitment to excellence and innovation is built into everything we do at Northgate Industries Ltd., and we pride ourselves on exceeding legal, industry, and client requirements in our efforts to provide safe working environments, products, and services.

Our HS&E (Health Safety & Environment) Management System is employee-driven through the participation in progressive initiatives that help reinforce our focus on safety. Observation reporting, committees, management of change, and short-service employee mentoring are just a few of the ways that Northgate encourages safety in all aspects of the company. Employees from everywhere from the shop floor to office management all have a voice in helping change policies and procedures to ensure that Northgate remains one of the safest employers to work for. At Northgate Industries Ltd., we continually thrive to better our safety for our clients and our employees to perpetuate our goal of zero incidents and to engage with fully committed and involved employees.

From design to install we make safety our first priority, and work with employers to go above and beyond their safety expectations. Northgate Industries Ltd. is also a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, and has been issued a Certificate of Recognition, co-signed by Alberta Employment, Immigration, and industry, for our health and safety program, which meets and exceeds industry standards. In addition, we are also a contributing member of the Federal Contractor`s Employment Equity Program and strive to promote diversity in our workforce.

Reducing Our Ecological Footprint & Protecting the Environment

Northgate Industries Ltd. promotes an active participation in environmental policy through every aspect of the production and installation process. All staff members are trained to reduce the ecological footprint on vulnerable areas in remote regions by adopting conscientious building materials. Building materials are chosen based on their neutral or positive impact on the environment. Some of them include.

Water-based adhesives and paints
Green council-approved PVC products
Energy-efficient appliances

Northgate Industries Ltd. has the ability to meet LEED certification and is proactive in its recycling efforts. All manufacturing plants are set up with comprehensive paper and electronics recycling programs. In addition, Northgate Industries Ltd.’s ability to add on to existing structures, re-use and retro fit older trailers and sea cans, helps us all reduce the carbon footprint we have on our environment. Our highly-trained employees do extensive pre-planning to not only help our day to day operations run as smoothly as possible but also to reduce the waste that comes from our shop floor. With these principles in mind we are always focused and striving for more efficient and ecologically friendly procedures that reduce our impact on the environment.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of the industry and it starts with ideals that create a safe work environment from employee to employer.

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