Forest Industry

In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.


Public Sector

Northgate Industries Specializes in Providing Exceptional Industrial Modular Solutions Tailored To the Forest Industry

Our industrial modular solutions offer flexibility, scalability and efficiency, making them an excellent choice for the forest industry. They are particularly designed to address the unique needs and challenges of the forest industry. 

These solutions can be customized to suit different processes, enabling seamless cutting-edge equipment and machinery integration. With our modular designs, companies can easily adapt their operations to changing demands, optimize productivity, and streamline their production processes.

By implementing our industrial modular systems, the forest industry can effectively utilize available resources, minimize waste, and promote sustainability.

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We offer new, used and custom made modular buildings in a wide range of sizes and styles. Our experienced sales staff will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and your budget.