MBI Submissions-2010

In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.



Global Petroleum 2010 Oil Show - Super Executive

Architectural Excellence

Northgate Industries Ltd. proudly introduced their new model, “The Super Executive”, at the 2010 Global Petroleum Oil Show. Historically, permanent workforce housing has grown to become a suite type of living space and this was achieved by offering semi-private and private washroom facilities moving away from the traditional dormitory style accommodations. The Super Executive takes the concept of isolated living to a whole new level. Integrated into the six module 17 bedroom floor plan are amenities designed to provide even more comfort than home. The facility utilizes space, lines of site, accessories and visual accents to bring out the comfort designed into the building.

Technical Innovation

Did you say you wanted to work in the Sahara Desert? Or, how about Northern Alberta, where the extremes of the cold can be as severe as any desert. What, in today’s world, do you think you might need? More importantly, what do you want? We kind of thought you might like high speed internet so we supplied it. We also thought you may want to watch a little television so we hooked you up with digital satellite. Oh, by the way, you can watch that show in your room, or your washroom or your lounge. Coffee? Cappuccino? Soda? Bagel? You can have that too in the well stocked lounge.

Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency

The Super Executive is not a cost-effective solution but the design does incorporate energy efficiencies to counteract the operational cost against fabrication cost. The source of materials is blended to compete in a LEED certified world. High efficient P-TAC LG heat and cool units provide individual climate control. The Super Executive ups the ante on heat retention by doubling the insulation value required by the most demanding building code. In consideration of the sensitive nature of the water supply, guests are provided with a high efficient hot water source, re-circulating hot water lines, and low volume washroom appliance. Finally, lighting is LED eliminating the day of incandescent and halogens.

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