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In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.



We are a leader in Western Canada in Permanent Modular Construction

Northgate Industries (NGI) has superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing and serves multiple industries in the public sector. We are a leader in Western Canada in Permanent Modular Construction and have the advantage of 54+ years experience in modular builds. Northgate Industry’s dedicated craftsmen aim as our top priority to go beyond our clients’ expectations and present innovative designs to all our clients.

Public Sector

Clients in Various

Northgate Industries guarantees quality management and complete satisfaction in all of our projects. We pride ourselves on delivering on schedule and on budget every time.

We have clients in various industries, from oil and gas, mining, and forestry to municipal and international governments, education, Hospitality, retail, and healthcare. We are considered a valuable partner in fulfilling all building requirements and take our ethical responsibility toward the environment seriously. Our eco-friendly modular manufacturing ensures minimal waste and impact on the planet.

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Northgate’s reputation with local and national multi-tenant buildings in sectors ranging from - Affordable Housing, Educational Institutions, Health Care, Senior Housing, Emergency Response/Disaster Relief and Indigenous-focused builds is exemplary. Our custom solutions ensure high-quality engineering, safety and security in all of our Permanent  Modular Manufacturing.

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We offer new, used and custom made modular buildings in a wide range of sizes and styles. Our experienced sales staff will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and your budget.