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In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.


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Giving Back to Our Community

Northgate Industries Ltd. is a proud supporter of numerous charities, extending a helping hand to positively contribute to and aid a variety of organizations and individuals. Throughout the last 54 years, Northgate Industries Ltd. has made it a priority to sponsor several not-for-profit organizations. We are devoted to finding ways to provide sustainable economic benefits to the community, while taking part in a generous corporate sponsorship and giving program.

In addition, Northgate Industries Ltd. has forged several alliances with members of the aboriginal communities throughout Alberta and BC. Respecting land treaty rights, providing local business opportunities, and offering equal-opportunity employment, Northgate Industries Ltd. is proud of its involvement and partnerships in these communities.

Northgate Industries took on a pivotal role in supporting the Mental Health Foundation Charity Breakfast.

Furthermore, during the summer of 2023, we extended our assistance to the Kids Kottage, underscoring our commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

During our time at Kids Kottage, our team took charge of their garden area, transforming it into a vibrant space of blooming flowers and lush greenery for children and families to enjoy and thrive in.

Northgate Industries Ltd. is proud to have sponsored the following organizations and events:

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