In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.



Full Department of Service Personnel for any Maintenance Need.

Northgate Industries Ltd. employs a skilled crew of installation specialists for industrial modular buildings. Edmonton-based Northgate’s highly qualified installation staff members have multiple years of specialized experience in the installation of remote modular structures. Foreseeing issues and maintaining strict adherence to all safety regulations is a primary responsibility when on site. Each project and application varies, but almost all commence with a screw-pile foundation and follow specific design requirements: corridors, dorms, wash stations, kitchens, recreational facilities, and more. The installation times differ depending on site and weather conditions, as well as responsibilities and timelines held by other contractors for their industrial modular buildings. Northgate Industries Ltd. works closely with every client to ensure that all phases of each project are carried out efficiently and to reduce installation times, thus keeping all costs down.


Installation Specialists For Industrial Modular Buildings

From a single unit to large complexes, Northgate Industries Ltd. employs a full department of service personnel for any maintenance need. A qualified service member will travel to your location, if needed, to solve any number of issues.

Due to multiple years of experience in the remote accommodation business, Northgate Industries Ltd. is pleased to offer complete management of the day-to-day operations of any workforce housing. Northgate Industries Ltd. will organize a full-time resident manager for larger sites, and arrange a fleet of mobile vehicles stocked with qualified apprentices and journeyman to service all aspects of your facility.

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