MBI Submissions 2013

In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.



Cenovus Kodiak Den

Architectural Excellence

A bunch of trailers made into a “man camp”? That is not how one would define this facility. Comprised of 254 modules designed with strict architectural controls and a thought process to satisfy today’s work force housing needs, the Cenovus Kodiak Den was designed to mimic a village for a population of 800. The village was fabricated to an average factory completion point of 80%, transported and installed to function as a fully self-sustainable village. The village utilizes a helix screw piling foundation to accommodate the integrated utility system, state-of-the-art commercial cooking, recreation and communication systems, and living quarters facilities topped off by high end architecturally controlled finishes. Mostly, the design considers moving the population throughout the village with no sense of over population.

Technical Innovation

An 80% factory completion presents specific challenges considering the village is 254 single modules requiring individual and multiple mechanical and mastic based weather sealants in order to seal the structure from the Canadian north elements. These challenges required unique solutions for all utility systems and weather penetration related issues:

Sealing the structure from the elements when the thrust of the project is cost control via factory completion and the implementation of components specifically designed for use during and installation taking part largely through the winter months.

Factory weather seals and moisture barriers designed to mesh with systems required during the install by utilizing the latest technical sealants.

Specific sound transmission building strategies designed to eliminate room to room noise.

Providing factory designed integral components for the utility system to accommodate the installation process above grade.

Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency

Simply, an 80% factory completion average is not to be underestimated when install costs are 5 to 10 times the factory rate - the dollars saved cannot be underestimated in today's economy. The architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems are completed in 80% factory goal, eliminating the need for core system installation in the field. Operational cost reduction and energy efficiency are achieved by use of high efficient heating and cooling system reaching a 90% efficiency rate coupled with all domestic plumbing fixtures and appliances being low volume. All electrical fixtures were selected for their power saving properties. The village utilizes a grey water return line that is treated and integrated into the fire safety system. The estimated cost saving over a 10 year operational span is upwards of 30%.

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