MBI Submissions 2012

In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.



Poplar Ridge Lodge

Architectural Excellence

One thousand five hundred people; it is what can be described as a small town fabricated, transported, and installed by Northgate Industries Ltd. for MEG Energy and is known as the Poplar Ridge Lodge. The structure consists of 595 modules forming a 1500 seat dining auditorium, state-of-the-art administration area and culminating in 26, two-storey dormitories housing the 1500 residents. Architecturally selected finishes provide an inviting and warm atmosphere to balance the sometimes harsh climate of northwest Alberta. Visual and auditory effects are offered by the use of artwork, wall decor, white noise, and incorporating structural components and mechanical systems into the interior design.

Technical Innovation

The technical design parameters were achieved by utilizing the latest mechanical and electrical system smart technologies that break the envelope in remote housing systems. The amazing living environment is created by the highest sound transmission class ratings in the industry, individual climate control systems in each suite, and a core mechanical system that provide for enhanced resident health and comfort; essentially doubling the minimum standard.

Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency

LEED principles were the foundation of the design and utilized all available technologies in the facility. The domestic heating and cooling systems utilize highly efficient fixtures generating a 90% efficiency rating. All domestic water system fixtures and appliances are low volume water use and all of the electrical fixtures were selected for their power saving properties. The architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems are complete in each module eliminating the need for core system installation in the field that lead to tremendous cost savings.

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