Private Sector

In 1976, Northgate Industries Ltd. began manufacturing modular structures.



Northgate Industries (NGI) is one of the primary choices for private sector modular construction.

We have 54+ years the experience and expertise which is why we are the leading choice among our partners and stakeholders. Our permanent modular and industrial-based technology delivers excellent customized craftsmanship and engineering. We believe that our clients deserve high quality innovation in their projects and Northgate Industries collaborates with clients at every level of the project ensuring clients receive exactly what they need.

Private Sector

Variety of Sectors

Northgate Industries can cater to a variety of sectors. Our buildings are testimonials of high-quality innovation whether it's Residential Multi-Family Homes, Hospitality, Low to Mid-Rise Apartments, Hotels or Park models, we have spectacular designs and attractive options to suit a range of lifestyles. While you can count on us for style and innovation, you can be assured you are getting top quality sustainable structures.

Northgate Industries is always cognizant of its carbon footprint and use sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that reduce the impact on the environment.

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Additionally, modular construction is an excellent option for repetition, resulting in efficient manufacturing. In residential construction or the hospitality industry, where there is often a demand for repeating room types, modular construction can effectively achieve those demands. Apart from the advantage of replication, modular construction also allows you to keep your costs well within your defined budget.

Northgate Industries recognizes and guarantees value, as do our expert craftsman and dedicated professionals. We will be there to collaborate with you at every step of the build because we as a team believe in the power of a well-coordinated partnership.

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We offer new, used and custom made modular buildings in a wide range of sizes and styles. Our experienced sales staff will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and your budget.