March 7, 2017

Four Industrial Trailer Options for Your Remote Job Site

Determining your workforce accommodation requirements can be a real challenge, especially when you’re operating in a remote area. For one thing, you don’t know if the weather will hold long enough for a construction job built from the ground-up. For another, you’re going to have to set up temporary lodgings for your construction crew; if there are any delays, your budget goes up the creek.

The solution for those kinds of conditions is remote modular buildings. We’re talking about industrial job site trailers that are built at our indoor facility then transported and installed on-site by an expert Northgate Industries Ltd. crew. So, what do you need when setting up a job site in Northern Alberta and British Columbia? Let’s look at the four main possibilities and see how they match your requirements.

New Modular Units

Main advantages: Fast delivery and installation; inexpensive; varied choice.

You’re establishing a remote camp or a new resource-industry worksite? You’re going to need functional but comfortable living accommodations if you want to hire good-quality crews, and you’ll need workshops that can withstand the climate. We have the capacity to assemble, transport and install brand new facilities for time-sensitive schedules, remote locations and large- and small-scale industrial projects. And as a testament to the clean designs of our industrial trailers, they fit in expertly as temporary “portable” buildings in population centres.

All our modules are installed by our crews as safely and quickly as possible; the idea is to get your operations up and running right away. Visit our specs page to see the long list of brand new industrial trailer configurations we can deliver.

Custom Modular Units

Main advantages: Specific to your application (workforce accommodations, offices, utilities buildings, workshops, well sites, storage, etc.).

You’re going to be running a large operation and you have a workforce to match? Our custom modular buildings are energy-wise and space-efficient for housing your crews in dorm rooms and your management in executive bedrooms. With hardly any compromise in timing, you can order a single modular structure or a whole complex that you co-design with us to fit with your exact requirements. Our customized units can be configured as one-story or multistory buildings in remote locations and extreme climates.


Main advantages: Quick installation; suitable for larger structures.

Our INSTA-BUILD structures are assembled in Poland at our Kan-Bud® facility. These sectional prefabricated metal modules are joined together lengthwise to erect larger buildings such as hangars, recreational facilities, storage facilities and manufacturing sites.

Used Units

Main advantages: Cost effective and like-new.

Your project site needs to be ready right now? Your budget is tight? Call our industrial trailer sales office and ask about the pre-owned modular units we offer. You’ll find a wide selection of units ready to be delivered and serve as accommodations, offices, storage, workshops, recreational complexes and kitchen/dining facilities.

Ready to work together?

We offer new, used and custom made modular buildings in a wide range of sizes and styles. Our experienced sales staff will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and your budget.