January 11, 2019

A Buyer's Guide to Modular Buildings

More and more people are looking to build modular structures. The modular building process is the revolutionizing the building process to make it a cost-effective and efficient construction. A modular building can be a great solution when a temporary space is needed.

How Can a Modular Office Be Beneficial?

Environment-friendly - Modular buildings are eco-friendly in comparison to conventionally-built buildings. The construction of the module is mostly pre-manufactured in a factory setting resulting ins less on-site traffic on the construction site. The factory-controlled setting helps the module to create less waste by recycling materials and control the inventory.

Speed - Since modular buildings are pre-manufactured, it is quick and easy to build in comparison to a conventional building. The construction of modular building lowers the risk of weather delays. Weather delays are common on conventional construction sites.

High-quality standards - The built modules follow the same standards of the conventional buildings. Due to the controlled environment, while building modules, it allows for superior quality management. Some experts believe modular buildings to be stronger as they are designed to remain sturdy when being transported.

Cost savings - Modular buildings are less expensive in comparison to conventional buildings of the same carpet size. Due to its quicker speed in terms of construction, it can lead to big savings.

How Much Does a Modular Building Cost?

The cost for the modular construction can vary. Some structures can cost as low as $20 per square foot while others may cost as much as $500 per square foot. Many other factors can affect the price such as:

Size - The bigger the size of the modular office, the more you are going to pay. The per square footage of a modular office building will increase with the size of the office.

Quality - The materials used are focused on withstanding the travel on the road on the site. The high-quality materials decide the final price tag.

Location - The site where the modular building has to be transported has an impact on the price. Prices vary by provinces and regions. A module from a far away region can cost you additional charges. Not only you have to consider the module pricing but also the transportation cost to bring the modular units to your location.

How to Choose Your Modular Builder?

Before deciding to buy or lease a modular office, it is helpful to consider a few important factors.

  • Speed and duration- Can the project be completed in time to meet your deadline?
  • Reputation- Check the reviews, get references and inquire about past projects of the contractor.
  • Quality- Find out the quality of the materials that the supplier is using.
  • Cost and location- Compare the prices and ensure that the price is appropriate for the quality and all other considerations. Check if the supplier can supply the building materials to your location.
  • Design and customization- Make sure the supplier provides the design(s) picked by you and customize it according to your needs.

Opting for a modular building can provide you with lots of benefits. If you have made up your mind to opt for a modular building, then get in touch with us. Our company delivers quality products in a safe manner and on time within your budget. Located in Edmonton, we can serve you anywhere in North America.

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