March 6, 2017

A Closer Look at Turn-key Operations

It is an understatement of the highest order to say that structural projects take a considerable amount of time and effort to complete. Between the stages of idea development, fiscal consideration, environmental consultation, architectural and engineering planning, as well as actual construction, structural projects can take years to complete. As a result, efficiency-minded developers can decrease completion time by reducing the amount of built-to-order components included in a project’s design.

What are turn-key operations?

In comparison to build-to-order construction, where contractors complete a project according to the exact parameters of a client’s designs, turn-key operations are projects created by contractors to be sold to any client.Turn-key operations are standardized projects that are applicable to a wide variety of different projects, and require little consideration on the part of the client. In the eyes of the client, turn-key projects are practically ready-made. Because of the ease associated with turn-key projects, it’s easy to think that turn-key is always the way to go.

Things to consider with turn-key operations

At Northgate Industries Ltd., we offer our clients a variety of new and used modular buildings that fit parameters and design standards that we feel are applicable to a variety of different client needs. Since we also understand that not every client looks for standardization with their designs, we always offer to work with our clients on custom-designed projects that are built according to their own parameters.The most important thing to consider before engaging in a turn-key project is the fact that, by definition, turn-key refers to designs that are almost entirely lacking in the option of customization.Turn-key designs are:

  • Ready-made, and cannot be customized.
  • There is no option for creativity.
  • There is almost no opportunity to alter a design in a specific way.

We design our modular buildings according to strict building codes that are heavily restricted, to ensure user safety and security. Changing one part of a turn-key design means that we need to reconsider every part of the overall structure. In such cases, it might be more cost effective for a client to provide us with custom designs in order to also maximize efficiency.

Turn-key Operations by Northgate Industries

Northgate Industries Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer, transporter, and developer of modular structures globally since 1976. Contact us, or visit to get started on a modular structure project. We offer new and used turn-key solution modular buildings for our clients, while also accommodating the individual needs of our client’s workforce by building custom modular units for their industries.

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