March 26, 2018

Are Modular Structures Sustainable?

Environmental issues have grown in the past few years. Traditional buildings occupy a huge amount of space and require a considerable amount of time to be constructed. In addition to that, the construction method also causes pollution. Modular construction is done quickly and is much more affordable as compared to traditional buildings. Its cost-effectiveness nature makes these structures a preferred choice for various industries like healthcare, defense, and education to name a few. Today, you can buy ready or get a customized modular structure at modular building companies. Not only this, modular structures are also known to be sustainable. You may ask how? Let's see how it helps reduce environmental damage.

What Makes Modular Structures Sustainable

They are manufactured offsite

The method of constructing modular buildings is quite different from traditional construction. Typically, modules or pods are manufactured off site, usually at a remote location. Later they are assembled to form the building at the main site. Considering this, there is little to no noise and pollution at the main site. Thus, it reduces the burden on the environment.

They are Reusable

You can buy or rent new, as well as used modular structures, from modular building companies. New modular structures are newly made buildings, which is often customized for the user. Used modular structures are the readymade structures, which are used and then sold again. In other words, one modular building can be used more than once.

The material used for building a modular structure is durable enough to last for the years to come. When these modules are under construction, experts make sure they don't come in contact with properties that could reduce the durability of the structure. Since the structures can be reused, it reduces depletion of natural resources and damage to the environment. Plus, modules are constructed in such a manner that they can be deconstructed easily to reduce the waste. Reusing parts help avoid waste on a large scale, which eventually contributes to the good of the environment.

They Contribute to Pollution Control

Raw materials and other equipment keep being transported to traditional building sites as and when needed. The pollution caused due to the transportation trucks used is very high. However, when it comes to modular construction, the modules are transported only after they are completely manufactured off site. This drastically reduces the pollution caused due to transportation. The weather conditions also don’t affect the production of the modules because the construction is done indoors. Thus, this reduces wastage. The location of these construction sites is usually far from the residential areas and it avoids air and noise pollution.

So, here’s how modular construction can help reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re looking for temporary offices or permanent robust structures, then you can opt for this environmental friendly construction. Get in touch with us at Northgate Industries to buy, rent, or know more about modular buildings.

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