June 15, 2017

Benefits Of Modular Construction In Healthcare

Modular constructions can be used for numerous applications such as schools, commercial and residential constructions, offices and retail establishments, hospitals, military installations, dormitories, hotels, etc. However, the healthcare sector currently features the highest use of prefabricated modular constructions. Here are some reasons why modular structures benefit the healthcare industry the most.

Reduced Construction Duration

A modular structure can be built in up to half the time of a traditionally built structure. The components of modular structures for healthcare can be manufactured while other site operations are in the process. Hence, this construction method is faster than any other method of constructing hospitals, clinics, healthcare laboratories, medical stores, etc.

Cost-Saving Construction

As the entire process of modular construction takes place quickly and it takes less time to build modular structures for healthcare, the overall cost of the construction is reduced. The cost of labor and on-site access cost are also reduced. When a healthcare facility is built quickly, the functioning and working can start early. This means the healthcare industry can benefit from higher ROI due to the early opening time of the new modular structure.

Lesser Impact On The Environment And Surrounding

The offsite modular construction lowers noise and air pollution and produces less waste volume. This means that modular construction has the least harmful impact on the environment. Hence, this method becomes ideal for constructing structures for the healthcare industry that maintains high health and safety standards.

Safer Method Of Construction

Safety is a major concern while constructing modular structures for the healthcare industry. Accidents and hazards can be expensive as they involve loss of time and cause delays, damage tools, add to clean-up costs, administrative costs, insurance, and even fines. With off-site modular construction, the risk of accidents is greatly reduced. Off-site modular construction means that approximately 80% of the construction activities are removed from the site, and this eliminates most of the construction hazards.

Highly Flexible Construction Option

Healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and medical stores experience a lot of traffic and periodically upgrade to new equipment, wings, wards, and medical technology advances. Newer wings and spaces can be added to the main structure quickly without obstructing the regular functioning of the building. Same way, eliminating or renovating the structure is easier than constructing or renovating conventional buildings.

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