November 2, 2018

Benefits of Mobile Buildings

History informs us that the nomadic Central Asian races - Turks, Mongols, etc. were the first to use mobile homes. The traditional names for their mobile homes were ‘yurt’ (Turkic) and ‘ger’ (Mongolian). These mobile homes are still in use in remote parts of central Asia and are mostly made up of wood and animal hides.

Nowadays, mobile buildings are usually made up of factory-made modular blocks. Wood is the preferred construction material along with concrete, granite stones and steel. Modern mobile buildings generally possess similar amenities as available in traditionally built homes.

There are multiple reasons why mobile buildings are popular for both residential and commercial purposes.

1. Portability

The most important benefit of mobile buildings is, of course, it’s mobility. Portability is a huge advantage if you have a business. Imagine you deal in insurance. You have your office set up in a portable building. You have your sales team operating from the portable building. It contains all the necessary documents. The portable office also contains your business logo and other branding essentials. You can easily take advantage of your office’s portability. Any public gathering (like a fair) can be a golden opportunity for your sales team to cash in. They would already have every facility in the mobile building itself. It would be easier for your sales team to focus only on what really matters - SALES. Your portable building would enable you to outshine your competitors.

2. Affordability

Mobile buildings cost a fraction of generic traditional buildings. The price of mobile buildings is significantly less in comparison to conventional buildings. The best part is that you know the cost of the mobile building and choose according to your budget.

3. Reduced Construction Time

Assembling of modular parts to form mobile buildings consumes very little time in comparison to traditional constructions. Mobile building construction in contrast to conventional building construction saves up to 50% of the time required for completion of the construction work. In case you are not that fussy about customization, you can buy a mobile building (especially for residential purposes) instantly.

4. Customization

The usage of factory-made modular blocks enables amazing flexibility and customization in mobile buildings. You can dictate every aspect of the mobile building, starting from the layout, dimensions, colors and even usage of materials. The customization is complete as per your wish and requirement. The result is that mobile buildings are generally more user-friendly.

5. Use of Recycled Materials

The modular blocks used in the construction of mobile buildings mostly use recycled materials. It not only reduces the cost of construction but is also eco-friendly.

6. Construction Without Disruption

Mobile buildings are manufactured in factories. Unlike traditional constructions, these do not disrupt your neighbors during construction.

The latest mobile buildings are as sturdy and durable as traditional buildings. These portable buildings can also be utilized to move to a different location altogether in case of poor weather reports in your area. Contact our experts at Northgate Industries to find the perfect mobile building for your requirements.

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