September 27, 2017

Some Of The Best Modular Creations In The World

Modular buildings are continually evolving the world of construction and architecture. Builders and designers consistently work towards developing these modules and creating new and inventive pre-fabricated structures which are impractical to build using traditional methods of construction.

Modular constructions are not only cost-effective alternatives to brick and mortar buildings but are also an innovative method for creating eco-friendly and structurally sound residences. The amount of time associated with these constructions is quite minuscule and the degree of customization available is endless. Here are a few remarkable prefabricated residential buildings that can be built with modular construction:

1. Portable Wooden Cottages

Efficient as well as comfortable, modular units can be used to build wooden cottages and cabins. These modules are self-sustaining and can be situated in isolated locations such as the rural topography or the subterranean wooded areas. These constructions are also portable and can be an invaluable addition to your current residential or commercial property.

2. Boxed Bedrooms

Aside from building a complete home or commercial complex, modular buildings can also be used as an addition to your existing rooms. These pre-fabricated modules are built with a rectangular ratio whose dimensions correspond to your current living space and can be integrated directly as a part of your décor. These units are not only independently functional but can be built with a variety of materials such as steel and fiberglass to increase the utility of your home or office.

3. Cliff Edged Houses

Traditional edge of a cliff constructions are not only widely expensive but also take an extended period of time for completion. Additionally, their structural integrity is difficult to gauge for the long term. But, with modular construction, these houses can be built in a much shorter period of time with the help of architectural experts. These homes are constructed with the use of high-quality materials ideally suited for these rocky areas and are assembled using steel pins to ensure their structural integrity.

4. Glass Cabins

Building a sustainable home entirely with the use of fiberglass is not a viable option with traditional building options. However, with the help of prefabricated modules, homes like these can be built feasibly. These modular homes are constructed with superior quality glass and are ideally suited for secluded locations. These glass cabins are built minimally and require careful expertise to be assembled immaculately.

5. Carbon-Positive Homes

Showcased at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, Australia, these carbon positive units are gaining wide acceptance among property owners. These single storied homes use solar modules to reduce the residence’s carbon footprint and are self-sustaining. These homes use a wall to wall glass panel to keep out the sunlight during the summers which can then be released to bring in the heat during the winters.

These were some of the most intriguing prefabricated residential buildings that can only be constructed with the help of modular units. To build customized modular constructions specifically suited to your design requirements, consult our experts at Northgate Industries today.

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