September 26, 2017

How Can Turn-Key Solutions Benefit Your Commercial Project

Turn-key solutions, as the name suggests, are solutions that are accessible for immediate implementation. These practices can be integrated into the current workflow model readily without disrupting the system or necessitating any additional alteration. Most commonly designed to fulfill a particular requirement in the entire business process, turn-key solutions complete one necessary function such as invoicing or designing.

When it comes to the construction industry, turn-key solutions are used to describe residential or commercial modules which are completed beforehand and are ready for immediate occupation. Northgate Industries incorporated these practices in its business process in the year 1991 and since then, has delivered exceptional solutions for the retail, forestry and the healthcare industries.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of turn-key constructions and how they can be implemented for your operations:

1. Single Basis Of Payment

Though the initiation of a construction project brings in a variety of issues and concerns for the property owner, the payment of multiple suppliers and contractors remains the most prominent problem. Most owners are inundated with a variety of bills and payments that need to be completed immediately and require constant attention.

Ready to employ turn-key constructions are an effective resolution to this problem. Since these modules have been constructed beforehand, there are no multiple receipts that need to be remunerated. The payment for these projects can be settled directly with the contractor in a single transaction.

2. No External Charges

Expenses associated with traditional constructions are transitory and vary according to the weather conditions, the labor charges and the expertise of the contractor. Hence, it can be really difficult to gauge an accurate estimate of the cost prior to the initiation of the project. Turn-key solutions are ready to use and hence, do not have any external or hidden charges associated with them.

3. Quality Assurance

Turn-key modules are built in the secure environment of a factory or a warehouse under the supervision of construction experts. This not only ensures their quality but also warrants their compliance with the provincial construction laws and safety codes.

4. Minimal Liability

Hiring reliable contractors like the Northgate Industries ensures minimal liability on the part of the owner. These projects are considered a liability of the construction company and hence, are insured throughout the process of purchase and assembly.

5. Eco-Friendly

Modular constructions are completed in a structured facility. This reduces their waste production significantly. The quality of raw materials used in these buildings is regulated and the construction is completed in observance with the environmental regulations of the province. This makes your home or commercial space much more eco-friendly than other traditional constructed buildings.

6. Single Point Of Contact

Co-ordinating with numerous contractors and builders is an exasperating part of a construction project. Turnkey solutions slash down these hassles entirely. Since the project is completed and assembled by a single service provider, there is no need for property owners to contact multiple workers and update the schedule of the project on a regular basis.

These were a few key benefits of turn-key constructions which can help owners save significantly on their property. Consult our experts to implement these solutions for your project today.

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