July 5, 2017

Common Modular Construction Myths

Modular construction has gained popularity over the years, thanks to the versatility and abundant benefits it offers. More and more builders suggest individuals, corporates, and families to switch to modular construction for their respective building construction. But there are people who still don't find these structures reliable and prefer traditional buildings and construction style. This is mainly because they have several doubts and misconceptions in their minds. In this article, we will bust some common modular structure myths.

Myth #1: Modular Structures are Temporary

Fact: Modular structures are ideal for both permanent as well as temporary buildings and can be used for residential and commercial purposes. Modular construction methods can produce permanent modular solutions which last for decades. Although the features of modular structures are best for building temporary structures, permanent modular structures are built for long-term requirements like offices, schools, hospitals, hotel, etc.

Myth #2: Modular Structures Appear Box-like

Fact: Modular construction can be as creative and versatile as other traditional types of construction. Many modular structures across the globe have components like storeys, stairs, modern room setting, etc. that are aesthetically appealing too. The specifications, features, and interiors and exteriors of the modular structures can be easily created according to your choice and expectations.

Myth #3: Modular Structures are Low Quality

Fact: Modular structures are generally built using concrete and rigid wooden variants. These materials are also used in other types of constructions. Not only this, modular structures are built to the same local building codes as the traditional buildings. Also, as these structures are prefabricated in the factory settings, the process and quality are regularly monitored and checked by construction managers and engineers.

Myth #4: Modular Structures are not Weather-resistant

Fact: The quality of insulation is something that regulates the weather-resistant levels of a structure. Structures having good insulation don’t get extremely cold in winter or hot in summer. A modular structure can achieve the same level of insulation and weather-resistance as a traditional structure, depending on the materials and quality of insulation used.

Myth #5: Modular Constructions are Cheap

Fact: Modular constructions are more cost-effective as the components are prefabricated in the factories and then transported and installed on-site. This doesn’t mean it is a cheaper solution in construction. Modular constructions offer a wide range of pricing options, depending on the style, interiors, quality of the components, and the size of the construction project.

Myth #6: Modular Construction is a New Science

Fact: Modular construction may be increasing in popularity, but this prefabrication is nothing new. There are many modular homes in various parts of the world that were built in the 1950s. Although these modular structures were much simpler, today's modular constructions are a bit complex and quite advanced. Modular structures have been preferred, used, developed, and perfected over decades and across all industries.

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