June 15, 2018

Deciding Between A Permanent And Temporary Modular Structure

With the advent of modular structures, construction of buildings have undergone a big revolution. Modular structures are prefabricated structures that are constructed in an enclosed facility to avoid hindrances caused by the environment to the construction timeline. These prefabricated structures are then transported to the site and assembled together to make the final structure. Modular structures can be chosen over conventional structures on a wide range of projects.

As compared to traditional construction, modular structures are cost-effective, offer flexibility, can be made energy efficient, and are environmental friendly. You can get a permanent, as well as temporary modular building. But, how would you know which is better? Here are a few parameters you need to assess to figure out which modular structure fits your need.


Do you need the modular building because you are planning to relocate your business or do you need it to serve the needs of your team at a faraway worksite? Permanent modular structures are your best choice when you need to relocate or expand your business. For instance, it would be a great choice for a school or hospital that plans to expand or hotels that decide to add a few more rooms. Temporary modular structures can be preferred for short-term needs. For instance for requirements at disaster-struck areas, construction sites, and for mobile showrooms.


Permanent structures are costlier than temporary structures as they are made to last for decades. From the materials used to the customization aspect, everything will demand cost when it comes to a permanent structure. Contrary to that, temporary modular structures are made to serve temporary purposes. They are economical. Also, if you are going for a temporary structure, then you can also opt to lease or rent a modular office.


If you are looking for specific things from the modular structure, then customization is an option. One usually prefers customization, when they plan to use for a long-term period. Plus, customization demands some additional cost. In such a case, permanent structures are a great choice. The ease of customizing permanent modular structures by the architectural specifications, makes the structure look like a conventional structure. But, if customization is not a priority and you need a structure to serve some specific requirements, then you may consider temporary modular structures.

Assessing these parameters will help you arrive at a conclusion. Whether you need a permanent or a temporary modular structure, contact Northgate Industries and we’ll help you with your requirements.

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