July 16, 2018

Did You Know These Facts About Modular Buildings?

Many people think that the concept of a modular structure is new. But, few know that this has been around for a long time. Like this misconception, there are many unknown facts about modular construction still lingering around.

The concept of modular construction is not a well-kept secret anymore. Instead, many countries like China and the US have started using modular approach of construction extensively in the past few decades. Some of the stunning examples of modular structures are Reflection of Mineral in Tokyo, Mini Sky City in China, and Pier 57 in New York to name a few. If you are running short on the knowledge of modular structures, here are a few modular building facts to boost your understanding of the same:

Hundred Percent Recyclable

Most modular structures are constructed using recycled metal, glass, and wood. Also, the construction of modular structure takes place in a factory, where all the waste material gets recycled and the material surplus gets used. Unlike conventional construction, the material surplus is not disposed of, instead, it is stored in appropriate conditions for future use.

Minimizes Carbon Footprint

Modular structures help in reducing the carbon footprint as these structures are built in a controlled environment. Such an environment ensures a strict control on the use of electricity, water, and other resources, whose overuse results in emission of harmful gasses. As a result, modular construction successfully brings down the pollution level to a great extent and are energy efficient.

Built with Greater Detail

Each module of the modular structure is constructed with attention to every detail and are made as per the client’s requirement and expectation. As these structures are built in a controlled environment and under keen observation, these structures are also great in quality, unlike the common misconception.

Modular Buildings are Low Maintenance

Modular buildings are constructed in a way that it lasts long. The materials used to build these structures are of high quality, starting from the screw to the log of wood or a glass sheet. It uses materials that are produced to withstand harsh environment and the stress of transportation. These structures are as durable as traditional ones.

Endless Design Possibilities

There is a misconception that modular structures are boring and there is no room for being creative with such a construction approach. But, the opposite is true! Possibilities with modular architecture are endless. Modular structures are built to meet the taste and necessity of the client, and there is a lot of room for customization.

Now, that you have a clear perception of modular construction, you can understand how beneficial it would be to have a modular structure. If you already have some plan that you wish to execute and you feel modular construction can be an excellent choice, get in touch with us at Northgate Industries.

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