June 10, 2017

Difference Between Permanent And Temporary Modular Structures

Modular structures are environment-friendly, high-quality buildings that offer great efficiencies and are built within a short span of time. Modular structures are known as portable structures that are used for various purposes. There are mainly two types of modular buildings - permanent modular structures and temporary modular structures. If you are confused between selecting a permanent and temporary modular structure, you must understand that most features of both the types of structures are the same. It is important to know that both utilize the same modular construction process and you’ll be saving time and money with both the types. There are a few distinctions that make permanent and temporary modular structures alike.

Duration Of Use

Permanent modular structures are installed and fabricated for a long-term use. They tend to last for decades, just like any other conventional building, whereas temporary modular structures are installed for a shorter duration, say for a few months or years. Temporary modular structures are durable enough to withstand several rounds of installation and relocation.


As permanent modular structures are built with an intention of longer use, They are generally made of concrete and steel in addition to wooden framing. Temporary modular structures are mostly wooden-based as wood is easier to relocate and reinstall.

Building Purpose

Permanent modular structures are ideal for purposes that don’t require relocation such as office buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, hotels, dormitories, etc. Temporary modular structures are best for situations that require quick construction and relocation in the future. These structures are constructed for temporary housing and commercial use. Temporary structures are installed and constructed for emergency medical facilities, classroom additions, mobile structures, etc.

Duration Of Construction

Permanent modular structures may take 2-4 months or even more for construction and installation depending on the size of the building and architecture. Temporary modular structures typically get ready in 30-40 days, no matter how big the project is.

Overall Cost

Permanent modular structures are costlier to build as they use robust materials like concrete for building. The cost of purchase is also high if you plan to buy a permanent structure. If you don’t wish to buy a permanent building, it is also possible to find long-term or ongoing leasing options too. Temporary modular structures are relatively economical and cost less than permanent modular structures. These structures can be bought, leased, or rented.

Addition To Existing Structure

Permanent modular structures can be built and attached to the existing structures to match seamlessly with the façade and other structural and technological details of the existing structures. Temporary modular structures cannot be directly connected to the existing structures.

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