May 6, 2019

Electrical System Problems in Your Mobile Trailer

If you are using a mobile office trailer for your business functions, you surely don’t want to face any additional issues that can affect your workers or put your business functions at a standstill. Electrical issues can be the major obstacles in the smooth functioning of your business. To ensure that you don’t face any such problems, you must know everything about different electrical system problems in your mobile office trailer and the best ways to solve those issues.

Let us first look at some of the most common electrical problems that may take place in mobile office trailers.

Incorrect Bulb Wattage

Also known as overlapping, this is one of the most common issues in mobile office trailers. You will always find a tiny sticker on or inside a fixture mentioning the maximum wattage limit that the fixture can take. When you install a bulb with a higher wattage than recommended, then the fixture produces too much heat. When you a light bulb with the wrong wattage, it results in several severe consequences.

How to avoid: Read the recommended wattage of the fixture before you install a bulb or lamp.

Outlet Without Power Supply

Sometimes, not all the outlet or sockets may have the energy supply in them. If you have recently moved into your mobile office trailer, you are most likely to face this issue. If you find one of the power outlets doesn’t have the power supply, there’s nothing to worry about.

How to solve: You can call your office trailers manufacturers or do it by yourself. Reset the corresponding breakers in the breaker box. What you must do is push the handle to the "off" side completely and then switch it back on.

Frequent Power Surges

Power surges are caused due to lighting strikes, faulty appliances, damaged power lines or bad electrical wiring in your home. While one surge only lasts for seconds, multiple surges are dangerous as they can damage the electrical components in your mobile office trailer. The most common reason for this issue can be that you have installed a poor or cheap electronic device or lights somewhere in your trailer.

How to avoid: Firstly, work on the most common reason that we mentioned above. Unplug and uninstall any poor device or the one from an unknown brand. If you still experience multiple power surges in the trailer, install a surge protector.

Loose Outlet Cover

If you have one or multiple outlet covers that are loose, you will face issues whenever you want to plug or even unplug an appliance or device. The mechanism will keep shaking and moving every time you touch. The loose cover may also ruin your electrical device.

How to avoid: Use a screwdriver to remove the old outlet and install the new one. You can find a simple outlet cover in hardware or utility stores around you.

For any other major electrical system problems, you can get in touch with the experts of office trailers. Trying to do anything on your own will not only waste a lot of your time but may also result in worse electrical issues.

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