February 5, 2018

5 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Modular Building

Modular structures are cost-effective. Online resources on modular construction, as well as people, who have adopted this modern method of construction, will tell you that they are an affordable option. And, this nature of a modular building is one of the major reasons why more and more businesses are turning toward it. While the cost of constructing a modular building is less as compared to a traditional structure, estimating an exact figure requires you to take into consideration various factors. If you are planning a modular structure for your venture, then considering these factors will help you arrive at an accurate budget:

Used or New Modular Building

Most modular building manufacturers offer you the option of buying or leasing new and used modular structures. Typically, a used modular building is a more economical option as compared to a brand new structure. And, leasing it may reduce the costs further. A used building, which was previously owned by an organization, is sold as it is or after refurbishing. Compared to this, creating a new modular structure will demand more money from you because it will include custom features, the cost of materials, utilities, and more.

Temporary or Permanent Need

The cost of your modular building will also depend on your need. Do you need it for a temporary purpose or are you looking at long-term use? For temporary needs, you may opt for a modular building with only the necessities. Typically, these are the ones, which are installed for easy dismantling and relocation. But, if your need is permanent, then you’ll want a more sturdy structure with a good finish and all the utilities. This can elevate your project cost.

Custom Features

Are you planning to fit in the modular structure in your traditional office? Or do you want a glass storefront or concrete floors? The more the custom features you demand, the more the cost of constructing the modular space. Newly-made, standard modular structures are still affordable. But, if you want to avail the flexibility to customize your modular space, then it will be costly.

Size Of The Modular Building

Modular buildings can be made of any size. From a star hotel to a temporary medical camp, you can have a modular building constructed in any size as per your requirement. For a bigger modular building, you’ll have to pay more. However, on a brighter note, the cost per square foot decreases with an increase in size, thus making it affordable.

Site Preparation and Delivery Charges

Before installing a modular structure, you need to prepare the site to provide for a stable and robust foundation. Locations, which are sloping, humid, or prone to flooding will require more work and demand more costs. Sites that are flat will require you to pay less comparatively. The type of utilities and foundation required will also affect the cost. In addition to this, you must account for the delivery charges when estimating a budget.

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