June 21, 2018

5 Methods Of Prefabricated Construction

Surely, most of you know that prefabricated modular structures are built, assembled, and conjoined together within a giant warehouse with efficient industrial practices. These structures are then transported to the desired location and laid out on a suitable foundation. With this blog, we intend to give you a peek into the different methods that modular building companies use in order to take their precision, efficiency, and craft to greater heights to build quality structures. Here’s a closer look at the popular methods of prefabricated construction:

Panelized Wood Framing

Long segments of specially lamented timber are converted into solid frames, which are then suitably converted into panels with the help of plywood. With the highest possible length of 72 feet, you can be sure that these frames cover enough area to act as excellent roofing panels. Not only do these roofing panels help you minimize critical construction time but these panels also add safety to the roof construction process.

Timber Framing

This remains an increasingly popular prefabrication construction method for timber homes because of its convenience. A timber framing panel is first built in the factory, and then transported to the location of the onsite construction. The advantage of using the timber framing method is that it aids you with the quick erection of prefabricated buildings.

Concrete Systems

For the sake of increased durability and improved aesthetics, you must consider the infusion of precast concrete panels to your prefabricated building. Cast in the factory, these concrete components add solidity to your structure as concrete is heavier than most materials commonly used for construction. Furthermore, you can save money if you decide to opt for concrete systems.

Steel Framing

Perhaps the most widely utilized commercial and residential construction material, steel remains the go-to material for most modular building companies that intend to achieve durability and strength in the structures they construct. Steel framing is essential for the creation of steel panels, which can then be used for the construction of solid buildings.

Modular Systems

How does a modular building company achieve the perfect creation of a factory-constructed module? By implementing all of the prefabrication methods, of course! All the necessary components are first brought to the construction site, where they are slowly connected and securely laid out, and deeply rooted in the foundation that has been prepared to support the structure. And, the result is a brand, new modular building.

Modular constructions have been gradually rising in popularity and much of this has to do with its increased efficiency while construction. Modular building companies are achieving higher levels of cost-efficiency, shorter periods of construction time, and with an increased emphasis on reducing resulting waste, there is very little left to be desired. Go on then, browse through our expansive product category. If you need further assessing, feel free to contact us; your needs are all that matter to us.

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