May 31, 2017

5 Things You Should Know About Modular Structures

Modular structures consist of several parts that are prefabricated offsite and then brought on-site either in easy-to-assemble parts or in a completed state. Once they’re transported to the desired location, they’re placed on a permanent foundation and assembled, following local building codes. This is not a new concept. The Romans used prefabricated components to build their forts and other structures since 43AD. Let’s know more about modular construction in detail.

1. Modular Structures Come In All Forms And Sizes

Modular construction method can help in constructing almost any type of building. There are several incredible, rigid, and attractive structures like homes, schools, hospitals, monuments, etc. around the world that are created using the modular construction technique. Modular structures can be massively huge, or can easily fit in on a sleek land.

2. Modular Structures Can Be Built Anywhere

Building structures using traditional methods on a remote land or a difficult-to-access property can get tricky. Commuting the each component to such locations while the construction is in progress can be practically very difficult. In such cases, modular structures are the solutions. The on-site access is minimum in the case of modular constructions. Hence, modular structures are ideal not only for suburban areas but also for remote places.

3. Insurance Premium And Loans Are Same For Modular Structures

If you think the insurance premium or the loans needed for building modular structures have a higher value than that of traditionally, on-site built structures, then you are mistaken. As these structures are built with all the common materials and products, and as they comply with the local building laws and codes, the interest on loan and property insurance premiums are the same.

4. Modular Structures Are Versatile

Modular structures offer hundreds of personalized features. They can be customized using several materials and styles available in the market. There are a variety of options for the walls, flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, roofing, and other elements of a structure that you can select from.

5. Modular Construction Is Convenient

Unlike the on-site construction techniques, modular construction is easier, more convenient, and time-saving. As the process includes offsite manufacturing, fabricating, and assembling, this construction method takes less time to build and is much safer than other methods of construction.

6. Modular Structures Are Permanent Structures

People often feel that because the components of these structures are prefabricated and then assembled on a permanent foundation, these structures are temporary. No, that’s incorrect. Modular structures permanently fit on the foundation and are as rigid as constructed structures.

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