April 24, 2020

Four Best Colours for Your Portable Classroom Walls

Did you know that colour can influence our emotions and feelings, and stimulate moods? That's right, which is why you must not choose the colour for your portable classroom randomly. Instead, you need to consider a lot of things like how old your students are and what kind of classes you are planning to conduct in your mobile trailer classroom. Gone are the days when all the classrooms were white or beige; now, you can incorporate various colours to improve the experience of your students. And here are some of the top colours that are best for portable classrooms.

1) Yellow

Yellow is one of the primary colours; hence, it promotes playfulness and positivity like other primary colours. But specifically, yellow invokes awareness and creates a happy mood by promoting the release of serotonin in your students' brains.

2) Blue

A subtle shade of blue can enhance creativity and alertness while also improving mood and memory. This is why many websites like Facebook and Canva have blue theme colours. This shade is perfect for arts and crafts classrooms.

3) Green

Green can have a calming effect on your students, and help them with concentration. If your class has younger students or kids with special needs, then green can be a great way to make the class livelier while also making the sessions easier for them.

4) Off-White

Bright white can be harsh on the eyes, and it can make the room too bright, causing concentration problems for your students. However, if you still want to keep your classroom simple, then you can not go wrong with off-white as it promotes sterility and clarity while also not being too harsh or distracting. Off-white can also have a soothing effect on your students.

Colours to Avoid:

1) Black or Brown

Black or brown colours can have a negative impact on your students' emotions and moods as they are subconsciously associated with negative things. They can promote fear and anxiety. Hence, you should avoid using black or brown colours on your mobile trailer classroom walls.

2) Red

Similarly, red too should be avoided. Red can be distracting, and since it is a bright colour, it can be too harsh on your students' eyes.

Things to Keep in Mind:

You should try and choose something that lies between overstimulation and lack of stimulation. Having a too simple colour can make your class seem boring or dull, but having too vivid colour can be distracting. Instead, you can choose to either use muted or light colours. Another great alternative is to use off-white colour with coloured accents all around; this can make the classroom seem lively and vivid. But all-in-all, the colours should be subtle, so they don't distract your students during the classroom sessions.

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