May 10, 2019

4 Common Project Management Mistakes in Construction

Are you planning to commence your new modular construction project for your commercial needs? If yes, then make sure you are aware of these mistakes most business owners make and end up facing huge losses throughout their lives.

1) Starting Without a Plan

Every construction project needs a plan before it starts. You need to create a project plan that has all the crucial aspects of your project such as the detailed structure of the modular structure, the materials you choose to use, the scope of the project, the start and end dates of project, budget, point of communication between both parties, and a lot more. If you don’t establish this ground plan, your modular construction will start and progress in any random direction. The process may even go in the wrong direction due to lack of clarity. Hence, first decide what you plan to have, establish a plan, and then move ahead.

2) Fixing Tight Timelines

Timelines are one of the significant aspects of commencing a modular construction. Your construction project may start, but if you don’t set deadlines, modular structure builders may take their time to stretch the project for months. Therefore, you must clearly define the timelines of each step in the process. Decide when the prefabrication of modular components should end and when should the on-site assembly happen. Lastly, decide the last date of the project. This will help the fabricators to work diligently towards the timely completion of your project.

3) Poor Communication

Consistent communication is the key to successful modular construction. Not communicating properly, or at all, with your with the modular construction team is one of the quickest ways to send your project to the grave. Ensure that you ask for a point of contact from the team and see to it that the person is available to talk to you whenever required. The person should have all the information about the progress of your project, and he should also be able to communicate well in his team.

4) Extensive Project Scope

If you are planning to build a new modular structure for your commercial use, you will surely have your budget in place. You need to be realistic and keep expectations from the construction that will fit within your budget. For instance, if you wish to have a massive modular structure with multiple stories and wings, and modern structural amenities, you need to have a big budget too. You can’t build a large modular project with fascinating amenities like French windows with a small budget. Hence, it is a mistake to expect something bigger than what you can afford.

Another mistake that people often make is to appoint the wrong project lead. A person who doesn’t have in-depth information about modular construction or the scope of your project will make several mistakes throughout the process. So, make sure you hire an experienced modular construction specialist, someone like Northgate Industries so that your project starts and ends smoothly and perfectly without any chances of mistakes.

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