December 27, 2017

4 Questions To Ask A Mobile Office Manufacturer

Mobile office trailers have been a popular choice for commercial operations for a while. After all, who doesn’t like the comfort of a speedy and hassle-free set-up? Not only this, office trailers are cost-effective, offer the flexibility to make quick structural changes, and an ease of transportation. These trailers are pre-manufactured structures put together with the help of experts to provide you with a portable office space. You can buy, as well as rent, used and new office trailers for sale. If you’ve decided to rent or buy office trailers for sale, the next step is to find the right manufacturer. A good manufacturer will have a range of options or help you design one suited to your preferences. Here’s are a list of questions you should ask a mobile office manufacturer:

1) What are the Available Options?

Most manufacturers have a fleet of used and new office trailers for sale. Plus, many also offer custom design options. Ask them about their offerings. Find out what is the availability and what is their price range. Most often rented and used office trailers are cost-effective, especially for those seeking temporary office space solutions. Make sure you check the quality when considering used spaces. If you do not like any, you should consider going for custom-made office trailers.

2) Give me more Details About the Trailers

This is especially important while buying used office trailers. Every trailer has a story. Whether you plan to rent or buy a used office trailer, you do not want to compromise on the quality. Hence, you must enquire to ascertain that the quality provided is up to the mark. Ask questions like - how old is the trailer? Where was it manufactured? How many times has it been leased? Has it incurred any damage? These questions will help you get optimum value out of the money you pay.

3) Do I need any Permits and Site Preparation to set up an Office Trailer?

The law for permits varies depending on the location where you plan to set up the office trailer. Most manufacturers are aware of the related laws and will educate you about them. Find out your legal responsibilities in this regard to ensure there are no problems in the future. Also, inquire about site preparation. Typically, the ground needs to be leveled before setting up an office trailer. Most manufacturers handle it themselves, while a few others leave it up to you. Ask what is needed to be done before scheduling the delivery.

4) Tell me about Delivery Charges and Post-delivery Service

If you’re purchasing a new office trailer, you will need to inquire about its delivery charges. This varies among different manufacturers. Some may charge a flat rate for a certain radius per mile and an additional fee for every mile beyond that. Make sure to account for any state transportation and other legally abiding costs. You must also ask for their hours of availability. This helps you know whether or not they are reliable in the case of any issues with the trailer, post delivery. Customer service is the most important consideration when buying an office trailer.

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