March 5, 2019

4 Reasons to Go Green With Office Trailers

"Going green" is the latest trend. From making our workspaces more energy efficient to switching to environment-friendly ways of construction, a lot of business owners are doing them all. For people looking for a better and more ecological method of construction, modular construction has been the preferred choice. But for people looking for a temporary solution for their offices or a secondary office, modular office trailers is the best choice available. Modular office trailers continue to be a front-runner in the field of green construction techniques and sustainability.

So if you too are planning to own or rent a temporary and green office solution, you can opt for office trailers as well.

1) No Material Exposure to Weather

Many indoor air quality issues identified in modern office spaces result from high moisture levels in the framing materials such as concrete and wood. In the case of traditional building techniques, raw materials are purchased and stored near the site of construction. During this period, the materials can be exposed to rain, snow, and other unsuitable weather conditions that can affect their quality. But when it comes to fabricating modular office trailers, the entire process takes place in controlled factory settings with the right moisture levels. This means that the chances of moisture being trapped in the new construction are eliminated, further eliminating the chances of air quality issues.

2) Construction Process Generates Less Wastage

On a traditional construction site, materials are constantly transported back and forth by large trucks and other vehicles. People often end up ordering for more materials that mostly get wasted. Moreover, storing these materials near the site also increases the risk of theft. Fabricating modular office trailers is a well-planned process. The requirements of raw products are first outlined and only then are they put to any use. The process makes it possible to optimize material purchases and usage. Also, materials are safely stored in factories until they are used up. This way, modular office trailers are manufactured without any wastages.

3) Office Trailers Promote Recycling

In case any material is discarded during the fabrication process, it is used for the next project by modular building fabricators.

Additionally, if your needs change in the future, modular office trailers can be moved to a new location or site. Unlike the traditional building method, you don't have to demolish your current office and start a new construction project at a new place. Easy mobility reduces the demand for additional raw materials required for building a new building to meet your new needs and minimizes the amount of energy expended to create it.

4) Office Trailers Comply With LEED Standards

Lastly, all modular office trailers and buildings constructed in Alberta meet the highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards. The LEED rating system is an international mark to recognize and measure if a building is "green." LEED certified modular structures are energy and resource efficient, and they use less energy, water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Apart from these, a variety of highly efficient mechanical systems, insulation, windows, doors, and plumbing fixtures can be installed to meet your desired efficiency standards. So talk to our office trailer fabricators to plan your workplace construction project.

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