February 1, 2019

4 Tips for Buying Used Trailers

You wish to invest in a trailer, but you have a small budget? Well, you can go for a used trailer. Buying a used modular trailer from the manufacturer can save you more than you think. Used trailers can be an economical alternative to buying a new one. So here are some tips for buying used trailers.

1. Consider the Budget

Know your budget when purchasing a trailer. Used trailers are surely affordable, but you need to consider some features before purchasing one. Here are some factors that will impact your budget.

Site- You need to consider and plan the space taken by the trailer. Check the space required for the trailer. Find out the costs and permits required to set the trailer at your industrial site(s).

Custom work- Used trailers come in all sizes and conditions. A customized used trailer will cost you significantly less in comparison to a brand new one. If you order the trailer from a seasoned manufacturer, then you can expect it to be customized quickly. It may even come with a warranty that can save you some future costs.

Recurring costs- Whereas, older trailers are generally less expensive, but it may often come with some additional work. Balance the savings with the cost of any work needed on your trailer. If you are doing the work, make sure you have the knowledge, resources, and budget to complete the work within the required framework.

Need for a setup- Setting up a modular trailer can be simple or complex. You need to have a semi-permanent setup for the trailer if you are not planning to move it. A good foundation, hidden anchors, skirting, and custom steps, decks, or ramps are needed to make this setup.

Available utilities- Check if power, gas, water, and sewer facilities are available at the site. Accordingly, determine if you or the provider will make the final connections. If there are no connections available, you have to arrange for connections to your site. Depending on the distance, these costs can quickly stack up.

2. Factor in the Permits

It is an essential part even if in the case of a used trailer. You need to know if the trailer needs a code for use in your state or need an official state-stamped drawing before any permits are awarded.

3. Plan the Usage

Plan the use of your trailer and with your budget set, here are some factors to consider your intended use of the building.

Size- Determine the number of people that will be the building and how you plan to use it. If you plan to use your trailer as the project management office, you need enough room for your team and regular visitors.

Special configuration- When space is in short supply, or you have special needs such as private offices (on construction sites, oil and gas industry), separate restrooms, or a service kitchen, you want to make sure to choose an appropriate building and incorporate any modifications into your budget.

Trailer setting- Consider an exterior trim of the trailer depending on the usage of the trailer. Make sure it matches the surrounding buildings and landscaping. If workers use the trailer at a remote field location, tiling with durable furniture is the way to go.

Furniture- Drafting tables, conference tables, and cubicles all take up additional space.

Term plans- If you plan to move the trailer to move from project to project every six months, you’ll need to set the furniture that can quickly be moved with the trailer.

4. Compute the Requisite Time

Ask the question- When your building needs to be operational? Used office trailers can be in place and operational in days or weeks, not months as it is common for conventional construction. Time also plays an important role in selecting the right used trailer. Renovations and customization take time. If your timeline is tight, you’ll want a building that can be ready with minimum changes.

Purchasing a used trailer can be a daunting task. A reputed used trailer provider, such as Northgate Industries, can guide you through the process, provide quality used trailers, assist you in permitting, and even perform much of the paperwork for you. Contact us if you are planning to get a used trailer in Edmonton. We can offer your great deals on used trailers.

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