January 24, 2019

4 Uses for Modular Buildings

The industrial developments and increasing demand for office facilities require an alternative to traditional structures. The construction of conventional buildings requires favorable conditions, workforce and suitable land and locality. Prefabricated buildings, on the other hand, have very little as limitations and are used for the construction of various industrial facilities. The most important benefit of modular or prefabricated buildings is the convenience and speed of development. Modular construction is a method where the buildings are constructed in parts inside a factory. Different pieces of a building are then transported to the primary location and are then installed together. They reduce a lot of costs that industries incur on traditional construction. Technological developments have added other new age appliances to modular buildings, and they can be adjusted according to the use of the building.

Due to its convenience, cost-effectiveness, speedy build, and energy efficiency modular buildings have gained popularity among a lot of industries. Below are the industries that can benefit from prefabricated buildings.

Construction Industry

Modular buildings are a boon to builders who have regular projects at remote locations. When building at a remote location, the builder has to take care of everyday transportation of manpower and raw materials. This adds up extra costs to the construction. But with the use of modular offices and camp modules, these costs can be cut down significantly. Modular buildings can provide temporary shelter for the manpower and the raw materials at a remote location. It removes the hassle for both the builder and the workers.

Industrial Complexes

Office complexes or industrial buildings can be expanded with the use of modular construction. The interiors and exteriors of the modular extensions can be customized according to the appearances of your existing buildings. Prefabricated buildings can be temporary, semi-temporary, and permanent. They can be a standalone structure that houses staffs with all the amenities. They are highly sustainable and can be expanded or customized with ease over time. Various kinds of offices structures like, interim offices, administrative buildings, remote sales locations, and conference rooms are made with modular construction. Construction sites can also benefit from modular toilets, pump rooms, restrooms, and kitchens.


Forestry and Timberwood industry can benefit from modular constructions. Loggers need to stay in the woods for days on end and need shelter from the harsh weather and nature. Prefabricated buildings can provide sustainable and convenient office modules and shelter. Modular construction provides quality soundproofing to keep out the noise from all the sawing and heavy machinery.

Oil and Gas Industry

Modular construction has been a popular choice for the oil and gas industry. Conventional construction for oil plants can be a lot slower and inefficient. Modular construction provides a faster build to meet the requirement of oil and gas plants. It removes the delays caused by weather and environment. Welding and metal construction get affected by temperature. This can reduce the build quality. Modular construction is done indoors under a controlled environment which provides you with the best quality modular construction for your oil or gas plants.

Modular or prefabricated buildings are a viable alternative to traditional structures. You can contact us for new as well as used modular units.

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