August 2, 2017

Why Are Hotels Switching To Modular Construction?

Modular construction is an efficient method of construction that offers many benefits to the hotels, which is why more and more top hotels and even hotel chains are embracing this construction technique. This is because modular construction uses innovative techniques that save time, and requires less manpower and on-site access.

Various types of modular constructions for hotel developments are:

  1. Full modular: Entire hotel structure is prefabricated in off-site factories and then installed on-site.
  2. Partial modular: Some parts of the hotel or hotel rooms are fabricated in the factories and then fitted with the rest of the traditionally built hotel building and rooms.
  3. System kits: The electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems are manufactured off-site and provided in kits for each room or hotel.

It has recently been announced that Marriott International plans to switch to modular constructions for building its new hotels in North America and about 50 more hotels across the world. Let us look at the reasons why more and more hotels are switching to modular construction.

Safe from Weather Conditions

The weather conditions like heat, cold, rain, snow, etc. can affect the quality of the raw materials and ultimately, the final structure. For instance, excessive moisture can seep in the structure and make the walls, ceiling, and floor inefficient. All these risks of damages are eliminated in the case of modular construction as the hotel modules are prefabricated in the safe and controlled factory settings. This way, modular construction is a safe and efficient method to build sturdy hotels and hotel rooms.

Quick Construction Method

The traditional construction process for building hotels at places with extreme weather conditions can get delayed or even stop due to extreme natural conditions. With the in-factory prefabrication of modules, 80% of the process is completed faster than other methods of construction and one can occupy and use the hotels in lesser time. The sooner the construction is finished, the sooner the guests can be welcomed. The chances of delays due to weather are subtracted.

Easy Modifications in the Future

Although modular construction for hotels is ideal for constructing new hotels, it also works well for the existing hotels. Modular or traditionally built, both types of the hotel building and hotel rooms can be customized and modified in the future according to the need and purpose. Adding extensions to the existing building or removing some wings of the hotels can be done easily, with less construction time. The newer additions can be easily joined to the main hotel building. Modular construction helps in retaining or improving the efficiency and quality of the new extensions and annexes.

Right now, it is difficult to gauge the future of modular construction for hotels. But looking at the current popularity and the benefits this method provides, modular constructions will be preferred by more hotels and even other industries. If you wish to consider modular construction for your next project, you can contact our modular structure builders to know everything about the process.

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