July 5, 2017

How Are Modular Structures Environment-friendly?

We already know that modular construction is a safer alternative to building schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, and other structures as the modules or modular components are prefabricated off-site inside the factories. But modular structures provide a uniquely sustainable form of construction, which is why they are known as environment-friendly modular structures. Here are a few reasons why modular structures are environment-friendly.

Materials Used

Generally, the materials used in constructing modular structures are the same as the ones used in traditional construction. Certified, A-rated, and energy efficient timber and metals are usually used in constructing environment-friendly modular structures.

Fewer Materials Wastage

Prefabrication construction process of modular structures optimizes the purchase and use of construction materials. This results in minimal wastage of materials. Not only this, as the structures are pre-constructed inside the factories, the chances of the raw materials getting stolen are minimal.

Less Onsite Disturbance

Most modular structures are produced off-site in a factory setting. Other on-site and assembling tasks like laying the foundation can be completed simultaneously while the modules are under construction. This reduces the number of vehicles and equipment going back and forth from the manufacturing unit to the site, which ultimately reduces the costs and construction time.

Flexible to Modifications

Modular structures can be quickly constructed to add a module to the existing structures while causing least disruption to the surrounding environment. According to the requirement and purpose, these structures can be disassembled in order to relocate and refurbish them for other construction tasks. This minimizes the energy and resources used to demolish a structure or build a new one.

Reusable Materials

Materials used for constructing modular structures are typically durable, as they can withstand several rounds of re-installation and relocation. In the long run, using the same materials time and again helps in saving time, money, energy, and resources. This also reduces wastage of construction materials and does not harm the environment.

Lower Electrical Lines Impact

The power and communication wires and lines are either run in shallow conduits or on aerials. This reduces the need for trenching or boring underground lines, thus reducing the environmental impact and disruption.

Better Air Quality

A lot of indoor air quality problems arise due to high moisture levels in the framing materials such as concrete in traditional constructions. Modular structures are fabricated and installed off site in factory-controlled settings using dry materials. This means that the excessive moisture is eliminated. Excessive moisture leads to structural damages in the future.

These environment-friendly modular structures have steadily gained popularity over the past decade and will surely continue to do so in the future. If you want to know more about the modular structures or if you are looking to rent or purchase a modular structure, you can contact our modular structure manufacturers.

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