September 1, 2018

How Modular Buildings are More Sustainable than Traditional Ones

Modular construction has changed the face of construction process dramatically in the past few decades. Many modular building companies are observing a rise in the demands of modular structures due to its benefits over traditional construction process – they are cheaper, can be erected in a shorter duration of time, and a lot more environmentally friendly, as compared to a conventional structure. In this article, we’ll be explicitly discussing how modular buildings are more sustainable than traditional ones.Recyclable

The raw materials used for the construction of modular structures are mostly recyclable. Recycled wood, glass, and steel are widely used for the construction of modular structures. Although not every raw material used in construction of these structures are recyclable, most of them can be recycled. Using recyclable materials help in reducing material surplus, thereby saving a lot of money, and it also reduces your carbon footprint.


Unlike traditional construction method, modular structures can not only be deconstructed, but they can also be reused as per the needs. Also, it is possible to rent these structures, if you do not want to purchase them. Reusability of these structures helps in significantly reducing the cost of construction.

Energy efficient

Modular building companies use energy efficient machinery for fabricating modular structures. This energy efficient approach helps save time and energy to a great extent. It is such that modular construction takes less than half amount of energy than it is used in traditional construction. Furthermore, the systems installed in a modular structure such as geothermal systems, solar panels, and other energy efficient systems help make the structure energy efficient.

Reduces carbon footprints

Most of the construction of modular structures take place in an enclosed facility, which makes it more environmentally friendly as compared to traditional construction. Such a construction approach causes less or no disturbance to the environment surrounding the actual site of installation. Unlike traditional construction, there are no repetitive visits to the site, which helps in maintaining the natural balance of the site. As the structures are fabricated in a controlled environment, there is a low frequency of workers visiting the site only for monitoring the site and at the time of installation. In this way, there is no wastage of resources or any pollution.

Reduces transportation emission

In the case of traditional construction methods, there is a lot of site access required for transporting raw materials to the site. More site access means more transportation emission. But, in the case of the modular construction process, as the structures are built in a closed facility, there is less or no transportation emission. This significantly reduces air pollution and keeps the air clean and breathable. As more and more people embrace this type of construction, air pollution rates are expected to decrease dramatically.

Modular structures are gaining traction and are becoming a sustainable alternative to traditional construction. If you are looking for a modular construction company, get in touch with us at Northgate Industries.

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