July 3, 2020

How to Buy Land for Your New Modular Construction Wisely

Modular construction projects come with great benefits and advantages, they are time- and money-effective, and they are environmentally friendly. They are continually growing in popularity in Edmonton, and more and more people are choosing those over the conventional constructions.

Here are some guidelines on how to buy land for your modular construction wisely to make the process straightforward.


First and foremost, consider the finances. Make sure the cost of the land fits your budget. If you are considering a construction loan, then get a pre-approval from the lender before even scouting for the land.

Similarly, you must also consider the insurance charges and legal proceedings for registering and purchasing the land. Ensure that you account for these expenses as well.


The topography is critical when it comes to buying land for modular construction. Here are the two areas where you should focus in terms of the topography.

1) Land Incline and Elevation

The land incline is vital for stable modular constructions. The flatter the land, the easier and cheaper it is to build on it. If the ground is sloping in any direction, you may require additional foundations or excavation to level out the land.

2) Soil Conditions

Similarly, consider the soil condition, quality, and composition. Determine if it is stable enough for your intended purpose. If the soil is not ideal, it can erode or settle over time, putting uneven pressure on the building foundations and frame. This is especially vital for large facilities.

Access and Connection

You may buy the best land with the perfect soil and terrific topography, but if it is not accessible, it is worthless. Thus, focus on the following aspects.

1) Water and Utilities

Water and utilities are two of the basic amenities vital for any facility. As for water, figure out if there is any nearby underground water source, or if you can dig a borewell. Make sure it can be connected to the local municipal water supply for both water and sewer. Lastly, check the soil condition to see if it can support a septic system and drainage.

For other utilities like electricity, make sure it can be connected easily to the local grid. If the facility is too remote or lies in an inconvenient location, it can be difficult or expensive to connect it to the primary power supply grid.

2) Access Roads

Roads are vital for modular construction. They have to be wide enough so that the modules themselves can reach the location. If the roads are too narrow, it can be expensive to build smaller modules, or it can be impossible to transport the modules from the factory to the site. So, ensure the roads are easily accessible by trucks and semi-trailers.

Follow these guidelines and find the perfect land for your modular project that suits your needs and budget. After doing that, contact Northgate Industries. We are a leading modular construction contractor in Edmonton and Calgary, and we can help you build your next facility. Reach us at 587-400-0864.

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