March 6, 2017

How-To Guide for Choosing an Industrial Trailer

We know that when a project in the resource industry gets the green light, things start moving pretty fast. You need to be able to get offices, workshops, and workforce accommodations into place on a tight budget and on a tight schedule. You’re still on the fence about whether to build on-site or use modular structures? Here are a few pointers to help you figure out if industrial job site trailers are a better option for you and your company.

1. Assess your short-term needs versus the long term.

When head office is in major centers, and you need to get out and talk to your field managers and development people to get the long-range outlook on the project. If the company is looking at long-term development, then purchasing an industrial trailer is an assets-driven move that will pay off down the road. For short-term requirements, leasing modular buildings might make more sense.

2. Calculate your ability to carry budget overages.

  • Here are some other budget-smart reasons for considering industrial trailers.
  • They’re built, transported and installed in a highly efficient timeframe.
  • They’re designed to withstand extreme northern weather conditions.
  • You can lease new or pre-owned rather than commission new custom buildings.
  • They are easier to manage and maintain than conventionally built structures.
  • Our workforce dorms and executive rooms ensure comfort for your personnel, which can optimize productivity.

3. Weigh your company’s position on environmental initiatives against budget savings.

  • There are several sustainability factors that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering modular structures for industrial sites.
  • They’re built at our indoor facility, which means we are providing mould-free accommodations and work environments for your people.
  • Having our buildings transported and installed incurs less environmental damage to the site than with conventional construction.
  • The components of our trailers are entirely reusable.
  • We design modular structures that reduce environmental impact and waste.

4. Compare on-site construction costs to pre-fab and installation on-site.

Building your camp or new facilities from the ground up takes time, suitable weather, and a lot of people. When you get industrial trailers, you get better site safety and better compliance with deadlines. That means operations are up and running fast. We can install offices, dormitory buildings, recreation facilities, schools, healthcare centres or any other kind of modular structure on time, and in remote locations.

5. Factor in future needs.

Modular industrial trailers can easily be downsized, added to or changed in their configuration to suit operations. When you’re done, they can easily be repurposed and relocated for your company or else sold off.The Northgate Industries Ltd. production model assures expert design, construction, transportation, and installation of modular structures for locations across North America, and the Arctic. Call us at our head office to learn about our new, custom-designed or pre-owned structures for industrial sites and camps of every kind.

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