August 9, 2019

How to Maintain Well-site Trailers

Well-site portable trailers are ideal options for people working in an oilfield. From labours to geologists to managers, every worker and staff member can access home-like facilities without compromising on their work productivity. But to ensure that these official and residential structures provide healthy working and living environment throughout the project, the well-site trailers need to be maintained. Here's how you can easily maintain and look after the efficiency of these portable trailers.

Maintain Tyres

  • Check tyre pressure at least once per month. Check the spare as well.
  • Inspect tyres for uneven wear patterns on the tread such as cracks, foreign objects stuck, or other signs of wear or trauma.
  • Remove bits of glass, sharp objects, and other debris material trapped in the tread and on the tyre surface.
  • Check the valves. Make sure that all of them have valve caps and the valve caps are in good condition. If not, replace them immediately.
  • Check lug nuts regularly.

Maintain the HVAC System

  • Replace all air filters every month to avoid clogging the air-ducts, heat-ducts, and heat-coils. Blockages in these can block airflow and cause freezing in your well-site trailer.
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils every month.
  • Keep the temperature setting at 21°C (minimum) in cold months to prevent the coils from freezing.
  • Open the ceiling dampers in the trailer’s rear completely and gradually reduce the damper openings the closer you get to the HVAC system located at the front of the trailer.
  • Avoid blocking return air vents and thermostats with any kind of furniture, cabinets, or other solid things.
  • Keep the HVAC’s fan on the "auto" setting at all times so it can properly adjust itself to room temperature and climate conditions.
  • Reduce the use of air conditioning by using window shades blinds to keep the well-site trailer cool.

Maintain the Structure

  • Sweep the trailer every day to get rid of dust and grime that is in the air on an oilfield.
  • Clean the entire trailer inside and out every week to ensure your well-site trailer functions well.
  • Check the main body of your portable trailer from time to time. If you find any chipping paint or rust signs, call trailer fabricators and get these issues addressed to avoid structural issues.
  • Examine door hinges and locks for security and smooth opening and closure.
  • Check window and door caulk for tightness. If they aren’t in place, get them repaired.
  • Although it is nearly impossible for these damages, check the floor tiles or planks for looseness or water damage and roofing materials for any bulges or other structural damage.
  • Allocate sufficient staff time and funds for maintenance.

Lastly, park your well-site portable trailer away from locations where vehicles idle, accumulates after easily, or places that may experience a lot of air pollution. For more of such trailer maintenance and more intensive or technical care tips, stay in touch with your trailer manufacturer and supplier.

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