August 9, 2019

How to Make Your Mobile Office Trailer More Eco-friendly

If you opted to buy a mobile office trailer, you already took a step towards "going green". But when the entire world is putting efforts to become more eco-friendly and mature towards the use of natural resources, opting for mobile office trailers isn't enough. Even changing the bulbs and lights inside the trailer to low wattage, compact fluorescent or LED versions isn't enough. Here's what you can do more to make your trailer eco-friendly.

Upgrade for Insulation

Insulation plays a vital role when it comes to the efficiency of your office trailer. The major benefit of insulating the trailer is that it keeps the temperature inside the trailer regulated no matter how cold or hot it is outside. Temperature regulation helps in lowering your heating and cooling costs by lowering energy usage. This way, you not only save some money but also take a step towards energy conservation. Therefore, upgrade the insulation regularly or install new one such as vinyl-covered gypsum for the interior walls if you haven't insulated your trailer yet.

You can also opt for specialized roofing materials, like using white reflective roof covering in order to reduce the cooling load during hot summer months.

Repair Immediately

Over the years, and with regular exposure to wear and tear, your office trailer may get damaged. Cracks, holes, and seam detachments are some of the problems that the trailer's body may experience. Inspect the trailer for cracks where air can leak out. Pay special attention to the roof, windows, and door frames. If you find any holes or passages from where air can escape and result in energy wastage, repair and seal them immediately.

Paint Mindfully

When painting your office trailer, opt for the newer and better eco-friendly paints. Be mindful that some older items may be painted or sealed with toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the environment.

Another way to keep heat away and cool down the interior is to coat the office trailer’s siding and skirting with solar-reflective paint. This paint will reduce UV glare and indoor temperature.

Use Low-flow Plumbing Fixtures

Depending on your use of office trailer, you can make it eco-friendly by upgrading the plumbing system. If you are using the mobile trailer for accommodation or temporary office, you will have a bathroom and kitchen facilities. Install low-flow toilets, faucets, and other appliances to reduce water consumption. These low-flow fixtures use 30%-50% less water without compromising on the usage.

Apart from these, you can always follow the usual ways to make your office environment-friendly. But if you want more of such mobile trailer-specific tips, then you must contact us. We will help you find the right trailer that's already built to help the environment and also share the secrets of making it more efficient.

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