May 21, 2019

How to Prepare for Your Office Trailer Delivery

If you decided to buy a mobile office trailer, it’s a great business decision. If you have explained your requirements to the trailer manufacturing company, and are now waiting for the trailer to get delivered, here are some preparations tips that you must know of in the meanwhile.

Get the Required Permits

Before you place a mobile office trailer on your property, it’s important to find out the local zoning and permit requirements for your area. In the majority of cases, you don’t need to pull a permit to place a mobile office trailer on your property, especially if it will only be there for a temporary amount of time. If you plan to use your office trailer as a stand-alone office for more than a few months, then you will probably need to get a permit. If you don’t get all the permits required, you will have to pay expensive penalties.

Prepare the Land

The patch of land where you’ll place your office trailer will have to be levelled well before the delivery. Get rid of any vegetation, debris, loose sand, snow, soft ice, or any other obstruction prior to delivery. Clearing any vegetation away from your site will help prevent fires and protect your onsite assets. Removing loose sand and gravel will prevent soil erosion in the future that can move your office trailer. If you need to clear the area of trees or underbrush, make sure you have the necessary permits to do so. If you hire a tree cutting company, they usually file the permits for each job they do.

Keep People Ready

Just because everything seems easy around mobile office trailers doesn’t mean that you won’t require any additional steps before the delivery. You will always require a few helping hands when the trailer will be delivered and placed on your property. So make sure that your staff is free and is available on the day of trailer delivery. If they are occupied with a lot of work, consider giving them a day off. Also, keep your calendar free so that even you can be of help during the need of the hour.

Check the Connections

Once the trailer is delivered and offloaded, the office trailer expert will block and level the unit, anchor it to the ground, and install any ordered accessories, such as decks, ramps or skirting. Consider your mobile trailer just like any other office building; it needs access to water, sewer, electric and gas sources. Talk to your office trailer specialist and make sure they do it all for you. Once these connections are made, check them closely and ensure that they are perfectly placed.

Once the mobile office trailer is placed well and is ready to use, use it just like you would use a traditionally-built building. Hire facility management staff and look after the office space as usual so that the trailer remains in the best shape for decades.

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