August 5, 2019

Importance of an Anchor for Your Trailer

Do you think that when you opt for a mobile office trailer, a box-like structure will be kept on your desired location? If yes, then you are mistaken. Installing an anchor is a crucial pre-step before keeping the trailer in place. Some of the common types of anchors include concrete, auger, drive, and hard rock anchors.

A lot of people don't understand the need for these anchors. But in this article, we will give you three solid reasons why you must get anchors for your trailer.

Fulfil Foundational Requirements

People often feel that mobile office trailers are heavy and they'll remain in place due to that. Hence, an anchor or tie-down isn't necessary. But even buildings and skyscrapers are huge and heavy. Still, their foundations are laid deep inside the ground. Why? For complete support, so that the structure stands straight and tall no matter what. Think of anchors are the foundations of your mobile office trailers. Anchors, combined with the weight of the steel structure and the balanced height-to-width ratio that make the unit topple-resistant.

Protection from Ground Elements

When mobile office trailers are placed on the ground, they are exposed to a large number of ground elements. Ground moisture, chemicals in the soil, underlying tree roots, stones, gravel, etc. are just some of the many elements. These elements may easily affect the quality and integrity of the trailer. For instance, sharp stones can scratch the trailer's bed, whereas moisture can eventually ruin the entire floor and even walls of the trailer. An anchor is required to prevent any such damage and keep it maintained. This anchor creates a barrier between the elements and the trailer.

Safety Against Natural Calamities

What is the main purpose of having foundations for a building? To provide support so that it doesn't sway or collapse due to natural calamities. And as mentioned above, anchors act as foundations for mobile office trailers. Weather conditions like high winds, earthquakes, heavy rainfall, storms, and tornadoes have the potential to move or even tip mobile office trailers. Although in some cases, trailer damage or movement is inevitable, an efficient way to ensure that this risk is reduced is by installing the right anchors. If you are located in areas with high susceptibility to natural calamities, having an anchor is more than necessary for your mobile trailer.

Extensive preparation is required before anchoring can begin. Ground levelling, soil type classification, utility line location and marking, and determination of the required number of tie-downs and anchors, according to local wind zones and trailer size, and required types of anchors, according to soil type will have to be done. Make sure you talk to your mobile office trailer specialist and consider all of these factors before getting the right anchor for the trailer.

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