July 26, 2018

Is Modular Construction the Future?

With the growing acceptance of modular construction across the globe, the world is moving towards energy efficient, faster, sustainable, safe, and a feasible mode of construction. The construction industry is at its tipping point with the advent of modular construction. Countries like North America, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and India have adopted modular construction already. So, what makes modular construction desirable? Let’s find out.

Why is There a Need for Modular Construction?

If we look at the rate at which the population is increasing, it seems that the future is bright for the construction industry to grow. But, if the construction companies continue to follow the traditional approach, they may not be able to meet the current demands in time. Currently, the construction industry is facing many challenges. Some of the major challenges are listed below.

  • Poor productivity and profitability
  • Maintaining project performance
  • Shortage of skilled labor
  • The challenge of environmental sustainability
  • Alleviated cost of material

What Makes Modular Construction the Future of the Construction Industry?

Modular construction is gaining momentum rapidly and has drastically simplified the building process. This approach of construction has been able to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional construction significantly. Here are the benefits of modular constructions over conventional construction:

  • The major advantage of switching from traditional construction to modular construction is that in the case of modular construction it is possible to work on-site and off-site simultaneously. As a result, speeding up the construction process and making it ready for occupancy faster, as compared to traditional construction.
  • There is lesser site disturbance as the workers access the site for a little period of time. Workers only access the site for installing the structure on the actual site. This leads to a decrease in pollution and wastage of electricity and other natural resources, which in turn, helps in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Unlike traditional construction, the modular construction does not get affected by bad weather conditions. This results in eliminating delays, and thereby, increasing the speed of construction. Also, as the manufacturing takes place inside a factory, the construction materials are safe from the damage caused by the environment.
  • As the structures are built in an enclosed facility and under strict quality guidelines, there is a significant reduction in material surplus. Also, materials that remain after the completion of a construction are kept in a controlled environment for future use.
  • Modular structures are flexibles as they can be assembled, disassembled, and relocated without any hassle. Also, it has endless possibilities for customization. Unlike traditional construction, structures can be added or removed as per the taste and necessity with ease.

It is of utmost importance that businesses must take the challenges of traditional construction seriously. For more efficiency, business leaders may switch to modular construction as it is offers a better alternative to conventional construction. Get in touch with us at Northgate Industries to know more about modular construction.

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