November 8, 2017

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Site For Modular Construction

The prevalent adage for purchasing a property is true for modular construction as well. When it comes to constructing the right prefabricated building, it all comes down to location, location and location. The site of your building has a direct impact on your lifestyle as well as your finances. Hence, the perfect location for your construction needs to be accessible as well as aesthetically complementary.

One of the major advantages of modular constructions is their capability to be built at the remotest areas in the world. However, choosing an accessible site for your modular structure can help owners save significantly on the cost of transportation and assembly. Selecting the perfect plot of land also enhances the environmental compliance of your building and reduces the cost of ventilation, plumbing, and electrical groundwork.

Here’s a closer look at the ways choosing the right site aids the process of modular construction:

1) Accessibility

Modular buildings can be customized to function as self-sustaining units. However, such constructions are widely expensive and are built to suit remote or isolated areas. Therefore, it is important to consider factors like access to the sewage systems, ease of setting up electric and cable networks, distance to the water lines before selecting the site for modular construction. The ease of transportation of construction material and completed modules must also be kept in mind prior to the purchase of the property.

2) Land Clearance

This factor is crucial for initiating any type of construction, modular or traditional. The ownership of the land and the title of the property must be legally established prior to the beginning of the building process. The site of construction must be examined for any hidden financial encumbrances as well.

3) Landscape

Landscape or topography of the land has a significant impact on the cost of construction for your building. Depending on the position and the topography of the plot, the expenses for leveling and pre-construction can be determined. The landscape of the site also influences the cost of building and balustrading your deck and floor plans.

4) Orientation

The orientation of the property determines the amount of sunlight entering your building and has a direct impact on your construction's energy and electricity use. Orientation is also an important factor influencing your property's design and aesthetic appeal.

5) Compliances

Compliances in context of construction refer to the observances of the property in accordance with the environmental regulations and building codes of the province. It is also vital to inspect the quality of the soil and its composition before buying the property. You should also inquire about the site’s wildfire safety rating and other compliances before completing the purchase.

These were a few key factors buyers should keep in mind before buying land for modular structures. Consult our experts to initiate the planning for your construction project post the purchase of the site.

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