February 8, 2021

Modular Construction and Buildings - Understanding Modern Solutions

There are various subclasses of modular construction and buildings to address different needs. It is important to understand which of these will be more suitable for your project. Here is a guide:

Modular Construction

Modular construction is considered to be a form of construction that relies on prefabricated parts created in factories. These parts are referred to as modules—hence the name—and once these modules are finished with the manufacturing process, they are then prepared and transported to where they are to be constructed. Once they are transported, they are then assembled according to the schematics to ensure the security and safety of the erected construct.

Volumetric modular construction is unique in that the segments can be used to utilize very specific sizes of modules, which are then neatly built on top or side-by-side. It’s a type of modular building where enclosed prefabricated modules are assembled either horizontally, to cover more floor space, or vertically, to save space.

The Differences in Modular Building Designs

A rule of thumb to remember is that modular construction is all prefabricated; however, prefabricated construction is not all modular! Modular construction deals with the general shape and form of a module—but with prefabricated constructions, it includes all the details that come within a module, such as components like pre-built walls, floors, and even ceilings.

Modular Building

A modular building is a result of utilizing modular construction units. Prefabricated buildings are just modules that have been assembled completely and await transport to the construction site and to be installed for permanence.

Also contractors often use a combination of prefab construction, modular materials, and site-built to fit into a custom-designed building.

Temporary Modular Buildings

These are buildings that are manufactured with the intent of leasing them. These are good for temporary projects and can be redeployed after the project is completed.

Permanent Modular Buildings

Permanent modular buildings can include hotels, schools, commercial buildings etc. - essentially any building that can be constructed using traditional construction techniques. Permanent modular buildings are generally considerably more durable compared to the temporary variant.


Modular construction has become more common thanks to the continuing technological advances in the construction industry. Determining the type of modular construction will depend on the project’s budget, style, and even its permanence.

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