November 4, 2021

The Advantages of Modular Construction for Schools and Hotels

The modular construction market has seen enormous growth in recent years, so much so that many industries that once ignored modular construction as a possibility is now switching to it. With advancements in technology and building techniques, larger modular buildings are now possible to manufacture, making it possible for schools and hotels to take advantage of its benefits. If you’re about to embark on a construction project for a school or hotel, consider modular construction as your chosen method of building.

How Schools Benefit from Modular Construction

Modular construction techniques offer tremendous flexibility to schools, especially in classroom design. You have the option to build just one classroom, a few additions to the existing school building, or even an entire campus.

Leveraging modular construction techniques can also save you a lot of time. An entire school can be built, installed, and ready for use in a few months using modular construction. This means schools can avoid performing any dangerous renovation work when the school year starts. Instead, all construction work can be finished when students are out for summer vacation. If you’re only going for smaller modular projects, then it can even be completed in less time.

Finally, going modular when building schools can also be beneficial to the environment. Many modular units and building techniques are environmentally friendly due to the careful precision that builders use on them. It’s a very efficient process without producing any waste, and most modular building construction materials are considered ‘green.’ If you work with a reputable modular building company, they could even utilize designs that conserve energy.

How Hotels Benefit from Modular Construction

In hotel construction, the faster you can finish a project, the faster you can invite guests to check-in and do their business. This is a crucial point in hotel construction as the timing of their grand opening is crucial if they want to generate more revenue.

According to a recent report on modular building case studies, modular construction techniques can incur an average of 45% savings on build time compared to traditional construction methods. The report even mentioned that out of all the case studies they covered, they found that modular construction was able to save more time with a 25% improvement on build schedules.

Previously, the hotel industry wasn’t convinced of the benefits they could receive from modular construction. But due to the recent trends in high-quality and low-cost modular construction projects, they’re able to see differently now. The mere fact that prefabricated buildings are easier, faster, and cheaper to build made it a more attractive option for the industry.

Hotels, in particular, are drawn to short construction times, especially if they are built in areas with very unpredictable weather. Another example is when a hotel is supposed to be built in an area without a population of workers to support the construction needs. Situations like this are very common in the hotel industry, which creates a need for fast, efficient, and affordable building methods.


Schools and hotels are two very different types of organizations that have their own unique needs when it comes to building construction. It just so happens that now, modular building techniques seem to fit quite well in fulfilling those requirements and more.

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