February 3, 2018

Why Is Modular Construction The Right Choice For The Hospitality Industry

In 2016, Hilton announced its first modular build hotel; a 280 guestroom Hilton Garden Inn to be set in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. Marriot is also embracing this modern construction technology. Evidently, modular construction has taken the hospitality industry by a storm. More proofs include the AC Hotel in Oklahoma City and Pod Hotel in Brooklyn, which are modular buildings.

More and more players in the hospitality sector are adopting modular construction to drive growth and efficiency. Why not? The method of construction, which involves building individual modules or pods off-site and then fitted together on-site to form a complete modular building, offers various benefits. Here are all the reasons why modular structures are a great option for the hospitality industry:

Speedy Construction

Efficiency is important to businesses. It helps businesses get more done within less time. Whether you are building a hotel or selling a product, efficiency matters the most. And, that’s one of the reasons the hospitality industry is turning to modular building manufacturers. Unlike traditional structures, a modular building project takes less time. The process reduces the construction time by almost 50%. This helps the hotel chains drive growth faster.

Reduced Costs

One of the major reasons behind this shift of the hospitality industry to modular construction is the reduced costs of a modular building. Since the timeframe is effectively reduced, developers can expect a significant decrease in the project cost. On the other hand, conventional construction is surrounded by various drawbacks that lead to delays and increased costs. In the past, the transport time for modules or pods was also quite expensive. But, today, the improved techniques in packaging combined with the growing number of factories have driven the costs down.


The process of constructing a modular building may sound simple, but it offers a lot of flexibility. You have the option to build an entire hotel or just portions of a guestroom. The modules or pods are prefabricated off-site and then brought to the site for installation. You have the options of having certain portions of a guest room, like a bathroom, to be assembled as a module. The module is then transported to the site and fit into the conventionally constructed guestroom with electrical and plumbing connections.

Other Benefits

In addition to efficiency and cost savings, modular construction offers various other benefits to the hospitality industry. Its procedure, where the majority of the building of the structural elements takes place off-site in a factory setting, benefits the developers, the public, as well as the environment. With modular construction, you avoid site disruption and vehicular traffic. Hence, you leave a low environmental footprint. It also ensures the safety and security of the labor. Delays due to the weather are also avoided. Furthermore, the construction method steers clear of issues like scarcity of materials and labor.

The hospitality sector can reap all these benefits by embracing modular structures. If you’re into the sector and keen on investing in a modular space, then get in touch with us at Northgate Industries.

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