June 30, 2017

Modular Constructions Save A Lot Of Time

Modular structures are gaining popularity since a long time now. Modular constructions are preferred for residential as well as commercial buildings and structures, as they are more cost-effective, energy efficient, and environment-friendly method of construction. The biggest advantage of modular construction is that it saves a significant amount of construction time. Find out how modular constructions save a lot of time and offer maximum functionality at the earliest.

Off-site Construction

As modular structures are prefabricated and installed together in off-site factories, all the other tasks can simultaneously take place at the construction site. Site inspection and site preparation, and foundation laying can be done by the general contractors while the fabricators and manufacturers complete the off-site construction work. When the site and foundation are ready, the modules or modular structures are transported to the actual construction site. The components are then assembled and installed together. This simultaneous working allows construction projects to complete the project in less time. The projects can be completed 50% to 60% faster than the traditional on-site construction process. Early completion of the projects means early occupancy of the structures. Not only this, as most of these constructions are completed inside the factory, the delay due to natural calamities and extreme weather conditions is lowered by 60% to 90%. Some projects can be completed from their inception to occupancy in as little as 45-60 days. The duration generally depends on how big the building is and the type of modular construction. Temporary modular structures can be ready in about 30-days, whereas permanent modular structures can take about 4 months to complete.

Easy Relocating And Refurbishing

Modules are designed to be dismantled, relocated, or recycled quickly at any point. Generally, recycled materials are used in this type of construction. When a building has to be relocated to some other place, the components of the existing structures are dismantled and reinstalled at the new site. Modular structures can be easily modified without wasting time. If a building needs several modifications and repairs, modular structures can be the best option. For example, if a school plans to build extra classrooms and laboratories, it can easily be done using this method of construction without wasting a lot of energy, resources, money, and time, and disturbing the environment. Also, modular constructions are ideal for situations where the construction process needs to be completed quickly. In disaster relief or natural calamity situations, when short-term housing and medical camps are in demand, modular structures can be the best solutions as they can be built and used quickly.

Modular constructions are constructed and completed in less time and provide a faster return on investment. This makes modular construction the best choice when it comes to constructing temporary or permanent houses and offices. If you’re planning to construct a new home, office, factory, or any other structure, you must consider modular construction. Talk to our modular structure constructors today, if you’re planning on setting up a temporary or permanent modular structure as per your requirement.

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