June 3, 2017

Modular Structures Are The Best For Constructing School Buildings

While constructing school buildings, there are several aspects that have to be considered. Not only the project should be completed quickly but also the construction services provided to the school and school administration should be conducted safely and accurately. The only option that suits all the expectations of constructing school buildings is modular construction. Modular construction is not a product, it’s a process that delivers safe, eco-friendly, comfortable, and accurate modular structures for school. Let’s have a look at how modular structures can be smart options for schools.

Faster Delivery Of School Building

Constructing school building can be time-consuming, as school campuses are generally vast. Constructing modular structures for school can be beneficial as the modular construction process is less time-consuming. Modular construction is the process where the building components are fabricated and manufactured in off-site manufacturing plants. The prefabricated components are then transported and installed on-site. This entire process saves a lot of time.

Flexibility For Future Upgradations

In future, there are possibilities that a particular school may have the need to expand their existing space or customizing the building according to the changing needs. The flexibility of modular structures for school makes renovation and customization easy. The components can be quickly installed to expand the space and add more rooms, laboratories, washrooms, and other elements to the school building. The variety of materials used in modular structures helps in constructing school buildings and related elements on any and every site.

Easy Procurement Process

The procurement process for getting a modular building purchased and delivered to the school is a lot quicker than constructing a traditional school building. There is no need to have or produce a design and tender documents for building a modular structure for school. The process just includes three simple stages.

  1. Project Initiation: After confirming the funding, the school is included in the demand forecast for modular structures.
  2. Project Planning: The construction project is planned and the school authorities sign the conditions of usage for modular structure for school.
  3. Project Delivery: The final modular school building is designed, constructed, delivered, and installed.

Use Of Eco-friendly Materials

While constructing school building, one crucial thing to keep in mind is using safe and eco-friendly materials that won’t harm children in any way. Modular construction typically uses environment-friendly materials for flooring, roofing, walls, paints, fixtures, and other elements. Not only this, they also make use of recycled materials. This way, the school buildings are safe for the children as well as the environment in every way.

At Northgate, we provide complete modular solutions, right from designing modular structures to manufacturing the components, to installing the structures. We cater to the schools and provide classrooms, libraries, administrative offices, restrooms, science labs, etc. related facilities. So you can get in touch with us if you are looking for a reliable service to construct modular buildings.

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