July 13, 2017

Modular Structures Are Ideal For Building Industries And Factories

Today, modular buildings are a lot more than just temporary, portable structures used for a short period. These structures are being used for a variety of temporary as well as permanent purposes like in building schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes, industries, and factories. There’s not much of a difference between the traditionally-constructed buildings and modular structures. Then what makes modular structures a better alternative? Let’s take a look at what makes this type of construction ideal for building industries and factories:

Quick Construction Process

Modular construction is a simultaneous process of creating modules in a factory and preparing the site for final installation. Additionally, under factory conditions fabricating modules or units can be done quickly without weather delays. Hence, the construction process takes about 50%-70% lesser time than traditional on-site construction. This means that the constructed industries and factories can be occupied and used sooner.

Uncompromised Quality Levels

Modular industries and factories are built with all the same materials and follow the same local building codes as that of the traditional types of construction. The modules are prefabricated off-site, in factory settings under a quality controlled environment. These modules or units are fabricated indoors under rigid conditions to protect them from the rain, wind, and other external elements. They are also built to withstand transportation, installation, relocation, and reinstallation in the future. Hence, the final structure is robust and lasts for decades.

Flexible And Customizable Structures

Modular industries and factories can be relocated and reinstalled at a different location a number of times, without compromising on the quality levels. Not only this, they are easily expandable to accommodate and meet your future requirements. The remodeling process and adding or removing a wing or unit from the structure is less hectic than the traditional remodeling. Modular constructions are highly flexible and industries and factories can be customized according to the specific needs and requirements.

Sustainable Process

As 80%-90% of the entire construction process takes place under strict and controlled conditions, it is possible to optimize the purchase and usage of construction materials. Also, the monitored process decreases the potential for errors. Another benefit of enclosed fabrication is that it improves the overall safety and security of the materials and finished modules. This results in the least possible material wastage. Off-site fabrication also reduces the time and resources required to access the onsite location of construction. This way, less amount of disturbance is caused to the environment and construction location.

There are many benefits of constructing modular industries and factories over the traditionally-constructed ones. The cost-savings and durability are the major ones. If you are planning to start a new industry or factory in Edmonton, you must seek help from our modular structure builders. We have always been the first choice in designing, manufacturing and constructing, and even renting and leasing modular buildings in Edmonton.

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